b'Applicator Agreements,TrainingThetrainingsitewouldberequiredto Continuedfrom Page 3provide: wouldbebeneficialtoobtain awrittenProgramsatthe/6Modified Bitumen Product, 1/2 roll per man clarificationfromFirestonestatingContractor\'s//:oPropane, Torches, Hand Tools, specifically what Firestone materials mustand Fittings beusedinadditiontoitsmembrane,Doortt:oPlywood and 2x12 Wood Blocking adhesive and sealant.This would help to avoidinadvertentlyviolatingthefirstbyB. Manson, MRCA Director MarcusSkilled labor is a key issue for successful paragraphoftheContractor\'sRepaircontractors.Provide your field personnel Warranty.The Roofing Industry Survey presented atwith the information and training required the 1990 MRCA Convention brought toto compete in the marketplace. focus the importance of the ContractorTOPCOAT Roofing SystemsManufacturer relationships. The questionPlease complete and return the enclosed Applicator Agreementofin training manufacturers\' participationresponse post mdMRCA.~ ofto field personnel brought an ovetwhelming Thesecondsentencein Paragraph4(d)positive response.Seventy-five percent should be modified to read as follows:(75of % )the contractors and manufacturers interviewedagreedthatmanufacturers "At the end of said two (2) year period,should take more responsibility for fieldRIEiSeminar, Applicator shall have no further obligationtrauung.ContractorsarelookingforContinued from Page 1 to make repairs at its expense under thissupport, and manufacturers generally wantfrom sharing opinions with other roofing Agreement, provided that the Applicatorto provide this support.professionals.Youalsoreceivea has promptly commenced and diligently\'11 proceeded to correct and repair all leakscomprehensive reference manual, and a which are caused by improper installationyear\'s subscription to the RIEI Information and which are brought to its attention duringLetter. saidtwo(2)yearperiodbyeitherThecostofattendingtheseminaris TOPCOAT or BuildingOwner and has$825.00.For moreinformation on the successfully corrected and repaired suchseminar, contact RIEI at 14 Inverness Dr., leaks and the conditions causing them."E.,Building H, Suite110,Englewood, (AddingtheunderlinedlanguageandColorado 80112-5608.Phone: (303) 790-deleting the last four lines of Paragraph7200/FAX:303-790-9006, or MRCA at 4(d)).8725 Rosehill Road, Suite 210, Lenexa, TOPCOAT has agreed to allow us to addTheCertifiedRoofingTorchWeldingKansas 66215.Phone:(913)599-6600/ the language ". the end of said two (2)ApplicatorProgram,CERTA,wasFAX: 913-599-6500. year period Applicator shall have no furtherestablished in 1986 to provide roofers the ." to the second sentence of Paragraphnecessary safety training of torch weldingBeware of 4(d).This language was left out of themodified bitumen products. This programPerformance, revised Agreement due to a typographicalhas been offered at the MRCA conventionsContinued from Page 1 error.with 250 people completing the program.that pre-cast has camber and should have ofallowed for this in our bid. With the competitive naturethe roofing We are currently attempting to persuadeindustry, it has become cost prohibitive for TOPCOAT to delete the last four lines ofcontractorstosendfieldpersonneltoThisproblemwasresolvedbymoving Paragraph4(d),whichif leftinwouldconvention sites for training.severalroof drainsand redesigningthe extend the applicator\'s liability to repair attapered insulation. After several meetings, its expense beyond two years.It is ourTheRoofingIndustryneedstrammgthe general contractor and our firm were positionthatanyleaksduetofaultyprograms to arrivethe contractor\'s door. attold to proceed with the project and a cost installationshouldshowwithintwoMRCA, in conjunction with RIEI, is inchange would be worked out later. weathering cycles, therefore we attempt toprocess ofThis establishing such a vehicle. limit a contractor\'s liability to a two-yeartrainingprogramcouldplacequalifiedWe did proceed, but have yet to receive a period.Inouropinion,TOPCOATisinstructors in an areafor 7-12 days andsettlement on the extra costs. afforded sufficient protection after the twotravel to predetermined sites, conducting a yearperiodbytheindemnificationone-day session for up to 15 field personnel.I am provision ofThe last fourThesetrainingsitescouldbeatthewriting this article to make you aware Paragraph 8(a).ofthepotentialproblemswhen lines ofcontractor\'sofficeoranindependent Paragraph 4(d) should, therefore,performance specifications are included in be deleted.distribution center.a bid project.I will write about the outcome ofin the future. While negotiationsarependingon thisBe creative with your modified bitumenthis project issue, TOPCOATacceptthe modifiedmanufacturer or distributor to help defer mayIfofhave had a similar problem Agreement on , job-to-job basis.~costs associated with this program.Useanyyou and wouldlike to phone or write me, I thistimeformanufacturer\'stechnicalwouldappreciateanyi.nfonnationyou sessions, detail, and application techniques.might have. Page4'