b'Create a time schedule to get the most out ofMRCAconvention It\'s tough to choose which programs to attend during the generalTuesday, October 1, 1991 sessions at the convention. You want to be sure to get as much informationyou canourat1:15 p.m. asfromprofessional presenters, while the same time you want to ge sure to visit with many of theT&R Update companies in the exhibition hall.Dr. Rene Dupuis, Structural Research Inc. Robert A. Lacosse, MRCA Consultant To help you plan your time we\'ve pulled together a brief descriptionThomas Bollnow, MRCA Technical & Research ofand time schedules. the programsCommittee Chairman "This prowill focus principally gramon Programthree subjects. Theis firstan Monday, September 30, 1991update to the fiberglass 8:20 a.m.feltsstudyconducted byThis is the Roundtable Discussion - Winning Jobs inMR.CA. Tough Timesfourtheditionof MRCABusiness Management Committeefiberglassfelts "The roofing industry issome difficultstudies conducted facingbyMRCA,with times and roofing contractors are feeling theprior additions published1981, 1984 effects. You have the opportunity to discuss within fellow professional roofing contractors such topicsthe study, and 1987. During this phase of MRCAIV and VI. The results as: Identifying your customer, his wants andtested Type needs; Estimating jobs; Job follow-up; Buildingwill be presented and distributed during this a relationship with your customers. The roundtablesession. Secondly, a summary of the information is open to all and everyone is encourage to attendgatheredfromthecompletedquestionnaire and participate. Leaming how other professionalregarding oriented strand board (OSB) roof decking roofing contractors win jobs in today\'s economy."covered will be presented. The third subject to bein 9:35 a.m.this program involvesmodified bitumen failures. An Waste Handling, Disposal and Recyclingthe analysis ofNRCA Project Pinpoint problem jobs on modified bitumen will bereported. Also, a report will Kurt Baumgartner, MRCA Technical & Researchbe Committee Membergiven on the joint MRCA/NRCA field studies to James A. (Arvis) McKamie, Indusrrial Engineercommence this fall, giving the scope, objectives and proposed disposition ofresults of /Safety, Firestone Building Products Companythethe joint study." James L Hoff, Product Manager, E.P.D.M.,1:45 p.m. Firestone Building Products CompanyFasteners - l 991 State ofArt Thomas L. Savoy, Manager ofthe Technical Services,Riaz Hasan, Engineering Manager AFM Corporationfor Roof Fastening Systems, ITW James Rizza, President ofBuildex Tri-R Product, "This program will include an overall review of representing Michigan Roofing Contractors Associationfastener David Roodvoecs, Dow Chemical Corporarion,performance.An open forum for audience questions and represenringSPR!discussions will follow Mr. Hasan\'s presentation." EPDM2:35 p.m. Waste disposal and recycling ofroofing products, expanded polystyrene roofing products, and built-up roofing will be discussed during thisSafety, Loss Control, and Cost Containment program. Waste disposal is a major concern in theRayLHoselton, MRCA Director, industry today and those attending will benefitUnion Roofing Co., Inc. from the information furnished by thisDavid Daniels, Loss Control Consultant, knowledgeable panel."CNA Insurance Companies Opening LuncheonSteven D. Haselton, Esq.,Union Roofing Co., Inc. 11:45a.m.\'The MRCA Health and Safety Committee realizes the Special Presentations:safety programs to reduce workers importance of compensation costs. During this program you will hear Retiring Presidentthe insurer\'s and contractor\'s point of view. Workers Presented by Douglas 0. Kirbergcompensation, liability insurance, OSHA regulations, MRCA Chairman of the Boardsafety/ training programs, and loss prevention are just a James Q. McCawley Awardfew topics to be discussed. Hearing how another Presented by:Edwin W. Carlson, Jr.professional roofing contractor sets up his safety program 1990 McCawley Award Recipientand cuts costs may be beneficial for your company." Keynote Presentation: Glenna Salsbury'