b'The GreatRoof Inspection Paperwork BlizzardSeminar Slated by Jay Refieuna, MRCA DirectorThe Roofing Industry Educational Institute Have you noticed lately the vast amount(RIEi) willseveral more sessionsits ofhostof paperwork required in our roofing industry?newestprogram,athree-dayRoof Inspection and Maintenance educational It seems that it used to be fairly simpleseminar, this spring.The. sessions will be when there werea few roof types. Youheldat the RIEi Educational Center in just could use standard details, standard cuts,Englewood, Colorado. and standard literature.However those days, my friends, are over.This course teaches the techniques of proper roof inspections and offers instruction in With over(50) different manufacturerssettingupagoodroofmaintenance fifty on the market,varyingfromscrewstoprogram.In one course participants can roofing membrane and sheet metal, it isimprove skills and develop a system to Jay Refieuna,MRCADirectora valuable asset -becoming a submittal nightmare.Whenhelp prolong the life of wehave tomakesubmittalsin today\'sthe roof. market we must include catalogue cuts for everyitem that there is, even when thesubmittal.We used to buy ourRIEiencouragesbuildingownersand copy paper items we are submitting are exactly whatone (case atwe buy tenmanagers to participate, saying they find 1)a time, but now the owner and/or architect are specifying.(10) cases at a time.the fact-filled and action oriented program On top ofwe are now required toextremelybeneficial.Theworkshops all this, submitMaterialSafetyDataSheetsWhatitallboilsdownto,tome,isassociated with the seminar provide many (MSDS)on everysingleproduct tobeunnecessary labor and expenses incurredvaluable on-the-job techniques participants used.by ourtum have tocanimplementontheirrespective company, which we in offset in our pricing to the owners.Then,buildings. I can\'t see why the owners and architects inthe owners are always screaming that prices America cannot simply accept these itemsare too high, yet they (and their architects)TI1e seminar dates remaining are as follows: ifare the ones who have created this monsterMay 8-10, 1991; May 22-24, 1991; June5-we are using "their" specified materials. We,,hotel accommodations at a Hamptonof ,, .that continuously perpetuates itself.7, 1991; and June 26-28, 1991. The cost would not have to give them this myriad ofthe seminar is $599, which includes tuition, paperwork when there is no deviation to Inns facility, breakfast, lunch and van services to RIEI.The cost for local attendees not requiring hotel accommodations is $499, tleasttheGovernmenthastriedtoand that fee includes lunches. regulatethisproblemwiththePaper Seminar topics will include how to conduct Reduction Act.However, the private sectorvisual and non-destructive surveys; handsonworkwithcapacitance,nuclearhaschosentoignoretheGovernment\'sbackscatterandIRthermography attempts to do this.equipment; how toan set upeffective roof their specifications.The most confusingaprojectandareusing\'\'maintenance program; demonstrations of repair techniques and materials; and a group workshop on simulation of surveys. I suggest that the next time you are awardedInadditiontoroofingcontractors, part is that,times,n when wetheproductsmanufacturers\'representativesand ateve send the requested submittals, they reject them andspecified by the architect, simply pick updistributors, facility managers and owners, the phone and ask, "Ifwhat issurvey experts, consultants, and physical askwe resubmit.we are using that specified, do we still have to have all theseplant personnel should also attend. Itseemsthattheprivatesectorof oursubmittals?".You may be surprised by industryhasfinallycaught upwiththetheir response. I recently did thisone onof Governmentregardingthese"paperour projects and the architect\'s responseTheentireseminarscheduleisset for mountains."At least the Government baswas,"If youareusingwhatwehaveWednesday, Thursday and Friday of each tried to regulate this problem with the Paperspecified, just give me a letter to that effect."week to allow participants a full weekend Reduction Act.However, the private sectorfun in ofthe Rocky Mountains.For more haschosen toignore theGovernment\'sInclosing,maybe nowisthetimeweinformation onof anythe seminar sessions, attempts to do this.should start a Paper Reduction Act ofcontact RIEI at 14 Inverness Drive East, our own.BuildingH-110,Englewood,Colorado My copy machine has, again, wornthis80112-5608, or outcall (303) 790-7200. year with requests for 6-12 copies for each Page 2'