b"August,1991 MTROOFER MRCA'sMonthlyNewsletterforProfessionalRoofingContractors Beware ofAffordable Supervisor/LifeInsurance EmployeeProgram for HarassmentMembers ByHarlan Hanson,MRCAPresident Recognizingneedsthe Association's theof Many articles have been published aboutmembers, MRCA has available to members sexual harassment in the workplace, buta life insurance program through AETNA little has been written about another tickingHarlan Hanson,MRCAPresidentLife&Casualty. Thisprogram offers a time bomb. The title ofwidevarietyof advantagesforMRCA this subject would be Physical Employee Harassment.should refuse to sign the report.Ifdomembersandtheircompany'seligible you notofinmyemployees: have onethese policiesforce, Would your company be preparedone ifofadvice is to do it now before it is too late. your foremen or superintendents got upset!Life Insurance benefits at low group and physically abused another employee,The above problems may seem minor torates through mass purchasing power or insulted an employee based on his or heryou, but to the involved employee, it couldby the Midwest Roofing Contractors race?What would happen ifAssociation. your supervisorbe very humiliating and instill alack of continually harassed anself-confidence.If!No age limits. apprentice verballythe employee decides who perhaps wasn't learning as quickly asthat he has been improperly treated and!Tax deductible in most instances. they thought he should?These are just agoes to the State Civil Liberty Authority,IHelps retain qualified employees. examplesphysical harassment,yourcompanywillcomeunder couple ofofIHelps attract key men to your andmostcontractorswillprobablyinvestigation by astate department withmanagerial team. recognize that theyare not uncommon.lots of!It relieves your company of power, and they will use state fundsdifficult They could spell disaster for your company.to protect that person's rights.financial problems arising from the death of a valued employee or a Every business should have a written policymember of I would suggest following these steps:his family. which establishes a concrete procedure for handling these situations. These employeeCurrently over 33% ofMRCA's 1.Write a polic and enforce it.members :,; disagreements need to be investigated, and2.Have every employee sign it.and their employees are taking advantage each3.Investigate any complaints.program.plan is availableall a written report submitted and filed inohhisThisto respective employee's personnel file.Such4.Submit a written reportfull-timeofficersofthecorporation, reportsshouldclearlyidentifythepartners oforof and file appropriately.a partnershipproprietorsa employees involved, the nature ofsole proprietorship, as well as all full-time the abuse,5.Discipline if deemed necessary. the date(s) and time(s) of occurrence, as6.Follow through promptly.department managers, salaried supervisory wellasthelocationwheretheabusepersonnel, and full-time salesmen (provided occurred and/or other pertinent information.Editor's Note:This article is not intended tothe company is a member ofMidwest the The employees involved should also signoffer legal guidance.Readers areRoofing Contractors Association). the report, ifencouraged to seek expert advice from their possible, and a notation should be made in the event that an employeelegal counsel.~Continued on page 4 8725RosehillRoad,Suite210,Lenexa,Kansas66215Phone:(913)599-6600Fax:(913)599-6500"