b'Guarantee,The American Society for Testing Continued from Page 1 5.The roofing contractor generally hasand Materials little control overownin hisdestinytermsBy Bob Osterholt, MRCA Director ofvarious roofing projectswhich theforhe.__./ is responsible.In most cases, the roofingOrganized in 1898, ASTM has grown into system will be specified by an architect,oneof thelargestvoluntarystandards owner.organizationsintheworld,developing specification writer orThe materials willbesuppliedbyamanufacturerstandardsformetals,paints,plastics, unrelated to the roofing contractor.Thetextiles, petroleum products, construction, roofing contractor must then apply thoseenergy, the environment, medical services, materialsaccordingtosomeoneelse\'selectronics, and consumer products. specification and hope that all goes well. Under these circumstances, it is difficult toThe 32,000 worldwide members serving understand why roofing contractors shouldon134TechnicalStandardsWriting the line forCommittees publish 8,000 standards in the be oneven the first two years; butthishasbecomeacceptedinthe68-volume"AnnualBookofASTM andassociationsStandards."In1989alone,295new industry. MRCAotherof roofing contractorsresist any effort to muststandardsandalmost1,500standards expand that two-year period.revisions were undertaken to ensure that ASTMStandardsareuptodateandBob Osterholt, MRCA Director 6. AIA, at one time, attempted to expandtechnically correct.Revenue from sale of the two-year guarantee period of roofingthe ASTM publications to customers inattend and contribute, but more are needed contractorsinitsmasterspecificationover 100 countries generated in excess ofnowandinthefuturetoadequately system titled MASTERSPEC.After we16 million dollars in 1989.represent the contractor\'s viewpoint. met with them and explained the rationale behindthetwo-yearguarantee,All these facts show how large ASTM isConsider becomingan ASTM member! MASTERSPECchangeditsviewandin the world today. Its influence spans everySee if your localassociation wouldbe accepted the two-year guarantee for roofingpartouryetmostwillingtosponsoryourattendanceat contractors.ofdaily life,theimportant aspect of ASTM lies in its organizationalASTMmeetingsheldeachJuneand aconsensus standees body.December. Upcoming meetings will be foundation asin 7. For many years we have worked withThis one word, consensus, dictates that allPhiladelphia,SanDiego,Louisville~ manufacturersinconnectionwiththeirMiami, Atlanta,Worth, and Montrea1,_J voices/opinionsof membersareheardFort ofbefore a standard is created.Forreason,Canada, in June1994. Orto attend approved applicator agreements. Allthe thisofplan ofitisextremelyimportantforroofingone close to home to observe and contribute manufacturers now accept the limitation two yearsthe guarantee they require the onyour professionals to have their voices heardexperience to create better standards roofing contractortosupply.Some offor all.Forinformation contact the during the processcreatingstandard.more themevenprovidethatthetwo-yearofthe In this way standards will reflect thestaff at MRCA913-599-6600 or yearsatASTM guarantee willthestandard form beMRCAofat 215-299-5400. guarantee orpractical experience a roofing contractor equal.has had; that is quite different from the experience ofASTM members such other If you would like a copy of the MRCAas architects, engineers, manufacturers orDirectory recommended two-year guarantee, contactconsultants. theMRCA office at 913-599-6600andWiththeever-expandingnumberofUpdate request acopyof Guarantee Form No. 1987A.suppliersandnewmaterialsintheUnderway marketplace and the increase of application standards at ASTM, it is now imperative Midwestthat the contractor\'s voice be heard.NotMRCA\' s 1991 Membership Directory is in very often is there a forum for the contractorthe works, andof enclosed in this issuethe Roofer\'sNewto express his needs and limitations beforeMidwest Roofer is an update form. amaterialiscreatedoratechnique Lookapproved.Usually it isthe opposite.Please take a few minutes and complete just thisform,providinguswithanynew ASTM does indeed provide this forum, butinformation concerning your company. We it is up to theindividual contractors towant to provide your fellow Association In case you haven\'t noticed, we\'re sportingcommit their time and efforts to the process.memberswiththemostaccurate a new look We hope you like our newsletterinformation possible about your business. design changes.WithsixmaincommitteesconcerningThis year, wefor your are askingSpouse\'~ Roofing D08,Insulations Cl6, Sealantsaddresssowecanmailimporta1\'\' As MRCA\'s membership grows, we wantC24, Fire Standards F5, Rubber Dll,convention materials directly to her. This and ourvisible association symbol to bePlastics D20, there is much to choose fromaddresswillnotbe publishedor made most as attractivepossible. Letknow whatto match an interest or expertise.MRCAavailableanyone. Please return this form asusto you think!and other associations have members whoby February 15, 1991. Page2'