b'(2. STROOFER NewsletterforProfessionalRoofingContractors "Professional" RoofingPresident Contractors areReflects Attending MRCA Conventionte-amed the- - What 1\'vefrom the past year as MRCA President by Roberl F.Huntington, MRCA Director ancl 1991 Convention ChairmanProgram SchedulebyL. Hanson, MRCA President Harlan September 29 (Sunday) through OctoberSaturday - GolfAs I write my last 2nd (Wednesday) are the dates for the 1991"PrezSays" MRCA Convention and Trade Show.IfSunday article,Iam youarriveearlyonSeptember28CERTATraining,TradeShowandexperiencing (Saturday)andsendinyour moneyinOpening Cocktail Party sponsored bycontrasting advance, you can participate in our firsttheIndianaRoofingContractorsemotions.Iam annual Golf Outing and help support theAssociationrelievedthatI MRCA Foundation Scholarship Fund.won\'thaveto[ Monday write another one Indianapolis has changed since our lastGeneral Sessions, Opening Luncheon,of thesearticles. convention there; it was good then but it\'sKeynote Speaker and McCawl ey A wardButIwillmiss better now! Ifdriving, it\'s easy toservingon theBoardof Directorsand you\'rePresentation, Trade Show and Supplier gettoIndianapolis- thismeanslessHospitality Suitesdiscussing theintricaciesof the roofing convention "out of pocket" expense. It\'sbusinesswithsomeofthemost easy to get there by airplane, too.Onceknowledgeablentractors in the industry. Tuesday coyou\'re in Indy, you\'ll discover that thereTrade Show, Manufacturers TechnicalIt\'s been aprivilege to serve with these are lots of dining options. You will findSessions, Lunch on Trade Show Floor,gentlemen. - mer-e-0utstane:l-ingFesta-Hrnnts at-rnasona-hle - ( neraiSes-sibrrsamt-the 1N\':EY500 :i\'eprices than you will find anywhere.As I complete my role as President of THEME PARTYthe MRCA, I would like to take a moment to Since many attendees bring their significantlookon my years served. I remember Wednesday- back other, we have an outstanding SPOUSEDeparting Buffet Breakfastsitting in myhotel room in Kansas City PROGRAM.TheKeynoteSpeaker,four years ago when the phone rang. It was Glenna Salsbury, is a dynamite lady whoIfGeorgeMoeller,thenChairmanof the for any reason you need information, really sends out a message to everyone.Nominating Committee, asking me rates,reservations,applicationsorto serve whatever, call the MRCA office at 913/on theExecutive Committee. I was MRCA You\'llbeamazedattheamountof843-4888 or FAX 913/843-7555.Theshocked. What an honor! As I hung up, I knowledgeyoucanacquireduringthought, \'"Am I capable of MRCA Staffhandling this? will help you! convention.If youhave anyinterest inDoHow I have the time?will this affect my CERTA certification,wastehandling,company?" disposalandrecycling,insulation recycling, new equipmentmaterials and or Continued on page 3Continued on page 3 . 4840West15th Street,Suite1000,Lawrence,Kansas66049-3855Phone:(913)843-4888Fax:(913)843-7555'