b'March, 1991 MTROOFER MRCA\'MonthlyNewsletterforProfessionalRoofingContractors s AD&DBecoming the BestCan Be We Coverageby Harlan Hanson, MRCA President Available toAs I was sitting at my desk racking my brain for an idea for this month\'s article I MemberscameacrosstheApril,1988,Midwest Roofer.As I read Bob Dalsin\'s Prez Sez column, I felt his article was so good it For a number of years, through the Lifeshould be reprinted this month. Insurance Company of North America, a CIGNACompany,MRCAhasmade"Last time I sat down to write an article for availableanAccidentalDeathandthe newsletter it was 17 degrees below zero and we had a ton ofon the ground. Dismembennent Program. It allows eachsnow Today italmostdegrees and the snow eligiblememberopportunity toi.s60 MRCAan purchase valuable, low cost group accidentis all gone.Things haven\'t started to tum green yet but I trust they will because coverage and also to insure spouses andI\'ve dependent children.seen it happen before.Seasons change. Harlan Hanson, MRCA President I\'mmy awareness of The plan provides broad-hourfinding thatthings is 24 coverage both on and off the job, and allows membersalso changing quite abit.The roofing business in Minnesota has its own particularaccept it.Not theflexibilityofselectingtheproperlong ago I read a book that characteristics unique to this climate.Aopened my mind to a newof amount of coverage for themselves andunderstanding their families.part of me has always thought the grasswhat competition really is.The author of might be greener someplace else - wherethebookdiscussedcompetitionasa Through negotiations with the Insuranceroofing contractors are able to work yearchallenge - to become the best we can be. around with only minor interruptions andThere doesn\'tbe just Carrier, MRCA hashave toa winner and made arrangements toslow downs inflow ofofa loser, both parties in a competition can hold an open enrollment during the monththework because of April.Resultswillbecomeeffectivethe weather. That thought is still there, butwin - at least on one level.I am learning I see more clearly now that the grass isthat I canthejob May 1, 1991.losebid on a particularand green here, and that there is a lot that I, asstillbeawinner totheextent that our During this open enrollment period thosea roofing contractor can do to make thecompany has an opportunity to find new currentlyenrolled may re-evaluate theirmost of this opportunity.I\'m determinedand better ways to do things.To me, as a andtheirfamilies\'needsforaccidentto have our company be the best it can beroofing contractor that means becoming insurance.Those not now covered mayright here in Minnesota.moreefficientinourbusiness, enroll, and acceptance into this program iscommunicatingclearlyanddirectly, I go through a sort ofwesharing infonnation, and working toward guaranteed.agony every time bid a job and don\'t get it.Being a secondcommon company goals, but with freedom bidder is an unpleasant experience.Iffor people to express their own creative A brochure, spelling out the plan in,detail,we are to survive as contractors we certainlyindividuality. In and enrollment cards ai:e enclosedassistthis way, even though we to have to meet the challenge ofhave lost a job, we canget in enrollment efforts.Once completed,itcompetition.stillsomething Most often I have thought ofvaluable out of the experience, making a should be returned withacheck madecompetition asorIwin-win situation instead of only a winpayabletoALEXANDER&a situation where I either winI lose. have never liked losing but I have had tolose situation. I hkeof ALEXANDER BENEFIT SERVICES, to:that kindchallenge. Itis something that I can live with, that I Continued on Page 3Continued on Page 3 8725RosehillRoad,Suite210,Lenexa,Kansas66215Phone:(913}599-6600Fax:(913)599-6500'