b'The Importance of Building CodesThe JamesQ. Continued from page 3 .\' localjurisdictions,takeeffectonthefor roof/ceiling assembliesa fire controlMccawley if anniversary date ofofsystem has been installed. model code.the new editiontheAward RequirementsUnderstanding(E rs Note:This information is from the ditoCodesarticle "The James Q. Mccawley Award" Buildingcodesestablishmm1mumby A. requirements for the design and constructionAs mentioned,allinvolvedinbuildingRobertLacosse in MRCA\'s 1991 of buildings to safeguard life, health andconstructionshouldunderstanditsMembership Directory.) public welfare, as well as to protect theregulations.SuchtestproceduresJamesQ.Mccawley was born in 1899 in building itself.established by Factory Mutual (FM) andGlasgow, Scotland and came from a family Underwriters Laboratories (UL), as well asintimatelyconnectedwiththeroofing As an example, for roof systems and/ortheteststandardsdevelopedbytheindustry.His grandfather, a copper, sold roofmembranes,buildingcodeAmerican Society for Testing and Materialsbarrels to the infant coal tar pitch roofing requirements are based on anumber of(ASTM), should be understood regardingindustry in America.He was educated at factors, which include:fire and wind uplift resistance ratings.St.Joseph\'sCollegeandtheRoyal !the purpose oforTechnical College in Scotland, and New the building structure;Finally, many codes specify such items asYork University. !materials used to construct theunderlayment materials, number and types building and their fire resistanceofof fasteners, quantitiesadhesives, weightsMr.McCawleywasanacknowledged characteristics and resistance;anddimensionsofmaterialsorothereccentric and while unambitious for himself, the proximitythe buildingotherprescriptive requirements for a roof/c eiling oftowas indefatigable in hisdevotion tothe structures;system.However, often these criteria areroofing industry.Along with his wit, he !size ofnot contained in the code, but are publishedhadabrilliantmindandwasalways the building; and !the occupancy load.as recommended guidelines.available for consultation to every local, regional,ornationalassociationthat Eachthe above factors contributestheIfin the code, these requirements oftopresentrequested help. risk associatedwith thebuilding.Theor guidelines are the only attempt within higher the risk, the greater the level ofmostbuildingcodestodealwiththeIn recognition of the devotion given in his protection the building construction mustwaterproof integrity of a roof membrane.life to the industry, MRCA established the provide.OtherbuildingcodesmayrequiretheJamesQ.MccawleyAward whichwas membrane to protect the building from thefirst presentedin1969in honor of Mr. The code\'s criteria defines the performanceelements.Mccawley. This a ward has been presented characteristics the roof system and the roofeach yearanin toindividualrecognition of covering must have, as follows:Reprinted with permission ofhisoutstandingservicetotheroofing Contractors lrequires a fire rating for the roof/Guide Magazine.industry. ceiling assembly between one hour and four hours, depending upon theTheAward will be presented to Mccawley level of1991award winner during MRCA42nd protection needed, and a\'s\'s Class A, B or C rating for the roofAnnual Convention and Trade Show. The covering material;presentationwilltakeplaceduringthe lprohibits the use ofLifeInsuranceOpening Luncheon held at the Westin Hotel, certain combustible materials within the roofon assembly unless they are protectedProgramMonday, September 30th. by specific measures;Continued from page 1 . lspecifies the design loads the roof system must be designed to carry;This plan does not interfere or conflict with any other individual or group life insurance specifies the resistance to climaticpoliciesemployee might already have. In anaddition, an employee s insurance will remain forces that mustdesigned into thein effect without further premium payments should he become totally and permanently be roof system; anddisabled. !requires specific underlayment materials, methods ororAnofAny employee attachmentemployee can also continue coverage upon terminationemployment. other requirements as dictated bywho terminates employment may convert his Group Life Insurance to a like amount of roof slopes orPermanent Life Insurance aattained age ate timeterminationemployment. This other limitations.thisth ofof may beof done without EvidenceInsurability. Building codes may prohibit or require the use of certain materials.For example,Take a moment to review the enclosed brochure and evaluate the life insurance needs at some building codes restrict theuse ofyour company.fn\'t I you find MRCAs Life Insurance Program will satisfy your needs, dowood shingles or shakesurban areas. Inhesitatein completing theEmployer Participation Agreement.Mailthe completed in other cases, a building code may permit aAgreement and a check for the first quarterly premium to MRCA today. If you have any reduction in the required hourly fire ratingquestions, please call MRCA at (913) 599-6600~ q~ ,~Page 4.,.,'