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There is aProgram Format greatly increased price.possiblilitythatacontractor,when Severalmidwesternstatesarealreadyremovingasbestos-containingroofing imposing a per-ton tax on top ofwrappingorder to give increased value to seminar material could, after bagging orIn disposalthe material in accordance with his localattendees, while making the most of fees to fund alternative methods ofRIEI disposal.regulations concerning such disposal, befacilities, the Roofing Industry Educational One other concern that will impact upontold that the landfill would accept asbestos Instituteisintroducingtrainingsession the contractor is existing and pending "pointcontaining material but would not acceptformat changes during 1991. ofInthe plastic it is wrapped in. origin" regulations.some states suchThe new Roof Inspection&Maintenance asin Indiana a written statementwhich theAlthough these prospectsare unsettlingseminar recently introduced will be vehicle operator certifies under oath thea threecounty where the largest part ofand dismaying, thereare some positiveday program with a two-fold goal.The the wastepossibilitiesaswell.OldE.P.D.M.course will provide good training on how was generated and that the load does notmembrane or scraps could be shreddedto make proper roof inspections that will contain hazardous or infectious waste (thiswith tires for recyclable matting oruseyieldreliableinformationonaroof\'s requirement is currently being contested inas for fuelin incineration.Already in thecondition. Italso provideaformat for court).Asa practical matter the roofingwill contractor must be able to prove point ofChicago area some recycling of tear offestablishingagoodroofmaintenance into paving materials is taking place.program for a building or origin, especially iffacility. his trucks are licensed out ofor countystate.Foam plastic insulationother types thatUnder the new format, the program will be or At the same time, as the availability ofare not wet can be left in place after theoffered11timesfromJanuarythrough landfill space shrinks,other regulationsmembrane is removed and then recovered.Juneat theRIEieducationalcenter in Englewood, Colorado.A flat fee of impact the type of waste which may be$599.00 placed in that limited space. Whole classesThis certainly is only a surface discussionwillbe charged to cover tuition,hotel, ofHowever the T andbreakfast, lunch and transportation to and oforthis complex issue. materials have beenwill be preventedRCommitteeiscommittedtofindingfrom the hotel and RIEI each day.The from being placed in landfills. This bringsanswers and help inHamptonin Englewoodhouse the us to the second and perhaps sharpest hornseveral areas:Innwill ~this dilemma, recycling ofattendees;those notneeding ahotel or fsolid waste. \\__,,I1. Technical informationwishingdifferentaccommodationscan register atofRIEi courses Already in place in some states, notablyregarding saving existinga rate$499.00. Minnesota,areregulationsprohibitingroof insulation so itwill be held Wednesday through Friday of may beeach week, allowing students to arrange unprocessed (source sorted) raw waste fromrecovered.stays over Saturday to take advantage of beingplacedinlandfills.Regulationslower weekend airfares. prohibiting metal, plastic, and tires being2.Concrete information placedlandfills are widely used for both inregarding recycling ofThose completing this seminar will be able present and future landfills.A review ofour state-by-state regulations indicate that inwaste materials, including helpto organize and conduct roof inspection thenot-so-distantfutureallrecyclablefrommanufacturers withandmaintenanceprograms;toperform wasteaswellasincineratabletoemergency and minor roof repairs on all regardrecycling material scraproofingsystems;tounderstandthe nonbiodegradable waste willbe bannedcontainers and from landfill sites.materials.principles of roof moisture surveys and how to use them; and to analyze common The concerns directly relating to roofing3.Nailing down actualroofingproblemstoreachapractical contractors are obvious.Asnew-generationregulations so that we willsolution. materials age they will needbe replaced. toknow exactly what is requiredSeminar dates willJanuary 30-February Foamplasticinsulation,E.P.D.M.be in a given circumstance.1, 1991; February 13-15, 1991; February membranes,P.V.C.,C.P.E.,andothers.27-March1,1991; March 13-15,1991; By the time these are ready to be replaced4. Work with waste disposalMarch 20-22, 1991; April 3-5, 1991; April (and some already are), they most likelycompanies to develop24-26, 1991; May 8-10, 1991; May 22-24, will be banned from landfill disposal.Someguidelinesdisposalour1991;June5-7,1991;andJune 26-28, othernot-so-obviousmaterialssuchasforof metal containers, old batteries from yourmaterials in landfills.1991. trucks,wasteoilifyoudoyourownFor more information on this and other vehicles\'maintenance,and wastepaperFinally, as professional contractors in anRIEi seminars, contact the RIEi office at fromyourofficeoperationsarealsoindustrydubious reputation with regard of14 lnverness Drive East, Building H-110, ~pacted.toenvironmentalissues,wecanonlyEnglewood, Colorado 80112-5608, Phone: benefit from a responsible and forthright(303) 790-7200/FAX: 303-790-9006. The answers at this point are neither clearresponse to the environmental issues which nor consistentfromstatetostate.Forimpact the welfare of our entire community. instance,it wouldseem to be aminor Page3'