b'INDUSTRY NEWS CSIA 7NIA ANNOUNCES THE2021PREMIER INDUSTRY MANUFACTURERSCSIA Company Safety Program Template- Now Available!T he National Insulation Association (NIA) is proud to honor the winners ofThe Central States Insulation Association the 2021 Premier Industry Manufacturer Awards, which were announced(CSIA) has published a customizable in conjunction with NIAs Virtual Spring Summit member event, MarchSafety Manual for its members. The 1618, 2021. template was developed by the Legal CounselatAuman,Mahan&Furry The 2021 Premier Industry Manufacturers are: specifically for mechanical insulation contractors to address your companys specific safety needs.OccupationalSafetyandHealth Administration (OSHA) regulations are updated frequently, and the industry standards are continuously subject to This award was first presented in 2019 to recognize and distinguish exemplarydevelopments in technology, products, insulation manufacturing companies as industry advocates and leaders.and equipment. The most important directive, no matter the size of the Available exclusively to NIA member companies, the award rewards Associatebusiness, is to train employees in hazard (Manufacturer) members for their actions, which demonstrate leadership,recognition and protective equipment. commitment, and support to the mechanical insulation industry and NIA. EachAs job sites are changing constantly, of the winning companies participated in activities and actions that support NIAworkers need to identify hazards as and the industry. Through this program, NIAs Associate members demonstratethey arise. In response to daily safety to customers that their company is a recognized leader amongst their peers. challenges faced in the industry, general guidance is provided for contractors Congratulations to these three leading companies! said Michele M. Jones,to develop safety rules and programs.NIAs Executive Vice President/CEO. Especially this year, these AssociateThe CSIAs Safety Manual, which is members led by example and found innovative ways to promote the industryavailable now to CSIA members only, and NIA. We look forward to recognizing them in person later this year at ouraddresseseveryconceivableissue, Annual Convention and promoting them all throughout 2021. from fall protection to fire safety to prevention of mobile phone distraction.NIA will honor these award-winning companies at its 63rd Annual Convention,Safety for the men and women on the job taking place October 2628, 2021, at the MGM National Harbor in Maryland. sites is always a top priority. Be sure to get the Safety Manual and use it!To learn more about this yearly award, please visitThe CSIA Safety Manual Template is http://insulation.org/membership/premier_manufacturer/. available for purchase for just $300 per year. Your company will be provided with the entire template and all manual updates arising from changing OSHA regulations. Just contact the CSIA Office at 937-278-0308 or csia@assnsoffice.com.csiaonline.org'