b'36 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (continued from pg 35)Dedicated to keeping its members at the forefront in their industryaddressingshort-andlong-termmarketeducation within high schools.requirements. Educate students about available scholarships Encourage recruitment efforts to draw womenand grants through the government and other to enter the field. Women make up more thanagencies.halfoftheworkforcebutrepresentasmallSponsorscholarshipstohelppromotetrade percent of the skilled trades workforce. schools.Evaluate your companys work culturetakeLobbygovernmentaleducationagenciesand steps to create a positive atmosphere. other resources.Provide opportunities for continued on-the-job training. Much like any challenge in business, acknowledging Recruit in schools.Debunk the theory that athe shortage of skilled workers is only the first step.college education is the only way to high payingWe must look for new ways to encourage our youth positions.to join the industry.It is through working together Reach out to local school districts and boardand taking the initiative to address these shortages trustees to bring back shop and skilled tradesthatwillallowourindustrytoremainhealthy, classes.prosperous, and fruitful for years to come.EncourageyourregionalBuildingTradesto developarecruitmentplanwithlocalschool districts / shop teachers.Invest time and finances toward skilled trades The InsulatorApril 2021'