b'New Technology CSIA 15MYO and Smart Glasses Blackline SafetyG7Working on a construction site can be hectic. MYOFor workers who are out in the field alone, safety is an armband that works in tandem with Brigitisespeciallyimportant.TheG7providesreal-glassestohelpyoumultitaskon-site,allowingtime safety alerts via network connections. Those youtoclimbordigwhilecommunicatingwithalerts go to a back-end monitor and are broadcast your team without needing to stop your activity.as needed. It can provide mass notifications of Hand gestures are used to control these devices,anynewworkplacehazards,securitythreats, eliminating the burden of holding onto a device.andweatherupdateswhileofferingtwo-way For example, you might be wearing heavy gloves,voice and text communication.or have oil on your hands, and now instead ofLoomiarelying on touching a tablet or smartphone, you can control your device touch-free.StrongArmCENTRAL STATES INSULATION ASSOCIATIONConstructionworkersareparticularlyaffected bytemperaturestressduetotheirwork environments. This start-up company has created Keepingemployeeshealthyandonthejobfeet-friendly construction wearables in the form iskeytorunningasuccessfulconstructionof soft-heating soles that can be used in shoes business. Given how prevalent back injuries areand garments. Heating levels can be increased to in construction, StrongArms Flex ErgoSkeleton200 degrees and help you power through those uses a posture pad to alert you if youre bendingfrigid winter conditions.or lifting things incorrectly or strenuously. ThereMIT - Pressure Sensorsare also adjustment mechanisms tailored to your heightandsize.StrongArmofferstheFUSESome dangers on the construction job site may sensor,whichcollectspostureinformationinnotbeeasilyrecognized,andthatswhere real-timeandprovidesfeedbackwheneveryousensors come into play. MIT has created pressure twist or move side-to-side.sensors that weigh the level of contact between feet and shoes to ensure an even reading of data.(continued on pg 16)csiaonline.org'