b'28 OSHA UPDATE (continued from pg 27)and then you MUST enforce it. And you need toG.Provide supplies necessary for good ensure that ALL your employees are abiding byhygiene practices.the requirements of your program. H.Perform routine cleaning and disinfection.Let us take a look at those 15 elements, whichTheremainingactionsstatedintheguidance can be found under the subheading The Rolls ofdocument include the following:Employers and Workers in Responding to COVID19. The initial step identified by OSHA is that the4. Consider protections for workers at higher risk most effective COVID19 prevention programsfor severe illness through supportive policies engage workers and their representatives in theand practices.programsdevelopmentandimplementationof every step, and include the following elements:5. Establish a system for communicating The following is an outline of the fifteen elements: effectively with workers and in the language they understand.1. Assignaworkplacecoordinatortobe responsibleforCOVID19issuesonyour6. Educate and train workers on your COVID behalf. I feel that this could be your corporate 19 policies and procedures again in the safety director, if he/she has been sufficientlylanguage they understand.trained on COVID19 issues.7.Instruct workers who are infected or 2. Performathoroughhazardassessmenttopotentially infected to stay at home and identify potential workplace hazards related toisolate or quarantine.COVID19.Dedicated to keeping its members at the forefront in their industry8. Minimize the negative impact of quarantine on 3. Identifythemeasuresthataregoingtobeisolated workers.necessary for you to limit the spread of COVID19 following the established OSHA hierarchy9.Isolate workers who show symptoms at work.of controls. This would entail: (1) eliminating the hazard; (2) employing engineering controls; (3)10. Perform an enhanced cleaning and establishing workplace administrative policies;disinfection after people with suspected or (4)employingPPE;and(5)prioritizingandconfirmed COVID19 have been in the controlling of the most to least effective waysfacility.toprotectworkers.OSHAexpandsonthese procedureswhichIfeelrepeatmanyofthe11. Provide guidance on screening and testing.actions we have seen before. They are:12. Record reported COVID19 infections A.Eliminate the hazard by separating andand deaths. This must be done under the sending home infected or potentiallyrecordkeeping procedures found in 29 CFR infected people. 1904. B.Implement physical distancing in all communal work areas. 13. Implement protections from retaliation and C.Install barriers where physical distancingset up an anonymous process for workers cannot be maintained. to voice concerns about COVID19 related D.Use face coverings. hazards.E.Improved ventilation.F.Use applicable PPE to protect workers14. Make a COVID19 vaccine or vaccination from exposure. series available at no cost to all eligible continuedpg.30The InsulatorApril 2021'