b'The Ultimate10 CSIA SCOLARSHIPProtectionDUCT & PIPE SEALING SYSTEMDedicated to keeping its members at the forefront in their industryFlexClad is the multi-layered, flexible jacketing systemthat protects critical duct and piping against the toughestenvironments. This self-sealing and easy to install productnot only protects, but outperforms all other competitivesystems on the market today. Backed by a 10-year warranty,FlexClad is the ideal solution at any extreme.UV Stable, Weather Resistant and WaterproofSales Reps Needed in Visit www.flexclad.com for free FlexClad Samples Select Areasemail info@mfmbp.com for more informationwww.flexclad.com800-882-7663The InsulatorJuly 2020'