b'LEGALLY SPEAKING CSIA 21As a result of this movement, city and local areathe union gathered from his various localsouch! trade associations which have bargained andHe claims regional portability of workers will be administered local contracts for over one-half of agood for you but you never work in the other covered century are being replaced by regional associationslocals.He tells your Executive Secretary that a handpicked and developed by the International Uniontrade association on the East Coast which you have leaders so that the union can establish a realignednever heard of is going to be an actual party to the multi-employer bargaining relationship more favorablecollective bargaining agreement along with your local to it.The very existence of local multi-employerassociation.He explains that the union has a special bargaining associations as we have known themrelationship with that organization, that association is in jeopardy.Unless city associations plan nowhas a good perspective of the industry and it will for this eventual scenario they will suffer even lesssomehow be good for the local contractorsloosely bargaining power than ever beforethey may eventranslated this means the East Coast association is become extinct.in bed with the International and will facilitate the adoption of the unions bargaining proposals now Cityassociationsmustconsiderpossibleand in the future.Then, at the bargaining table all consolidation or joint venturing with other associationsthat you fought for in 50 years of negotiations goes to enhance bargaining power, to create a higher levelout the window in favor of the unions burdensome of sophistication in dealing with the unions, and tobargaining agreement with East Coast wages, benefits lower the costs of the association conducting itsand working conditions.How will your customers businessamong other things. Obviously, it takesreact to these price increases?There go more jobs much advance planning, collaborative effort, visiontaken away by non-union contractors!and resolve for members of these local associations to meet these new challengeseven the mostIf that were not enough, most of your employer successful ones. contributions to your industry fund will be diverted to the East Coast association whose name is on the Already on the East Coast and in the Midwest unionsfront page of your contract.The association officers such as the Carpenters, Millwrights and Ironworkersthen recognize that they dont have enough money to are making their moves.Is your company and youroperate the associations offices and the Executive association prepared to meet these challenges? Director becomes part-time working from home.Lordhow did all of this happen to all of us contractors Picture thisthe Executive Director of your localin just 90 days? My how we long for a good old association who has held the position for 20 yearsfashioned fight with our local business manager who gets a call from the long-time local union businesswas forced to retire because of this.Not liking any of manager saying that an International Vice Presidentthis, your association members say they will take a will be coming from Washington to negotiate a newstrike before they will agree to all of this.In turn, the multi-state contract to replace yours.You have neverInternational Vice President says he will negotiate heard of this International Union official and you areyour agreement with the East Coast association and satisfied with the relationship your multi-employeroust your local association all together. group has established with the business manager and his business agent over the yearsafter all,Does this scenario sound make believe? I assure it took some time to build trust.Shortly thereafter,you it is not!I have been involved in these new the International Vice President calls your Executiveunion tactics throughout the Midwest in the last Secretary and says he wants to meet to negotiate, andyear or so with several unions.If you dont want this, he will be sending a model bargaining agreementor if you believe that your association isnt postured because the union wants standardizationkind ofproperly to avoid a hostile take-over, you need to like Sheet Metals Standard Form of Union Agreementstart strategizing and planning now.None of this but actually handpicked clauses most favorable tocan be accomplished within a few weeks of when(continued on pg 22)csiaonline.org'