b'30 OSHA UPDATE (continued from pg 28)employees.15. Do not distinguish between workers who are vaccinated and those who are not.Thisarticledoesnotpermitme togointothedetailsnecessary tosupplementeachofthepoints listed above. I urge you to go to the OSHA website and review the entire guidancedocumentanddetermine whichofthepreceding15steps arenecessaryforyouremployees, whethertheyworkatyouroffice,been posted on the OSHA website and therefore constructionworklocationsormanufacturingisavailableforreviewbyyouremployeesand facilities. Based on my experience dealing withtheirdesignatedrepresentatives.Themessage OSHA, if you are inspected, you will be judgedhere is that you may well be measured by your on the effectiveness of your program in protectingemployees by how you have addressed each of youremployeesfromCOVID19exposure.these 15 points at your company. If they feel that Remember, this document, including everything Iyour compliance with this guidance document is have listed above and the supporting detail, haslacking, they may well file an employee complaint with OSHA against your company. Which Dedicated to keeping its members at the forefront in their industrybrings me to my last paragraph.I have found that while many contractors haveestablishedpandemicprevention programs,notmanycontractorsare makingsufficienteffortstoensurethat allaspectsoftheirprogramsarebeing effectivelyimplementedintheirbranch locations and/or on ALL jobsites. The same is true for manufacturers and distributors Manufacturer of NDT Inspection Plugsthat operate from several locations. OSHA and NDT Inspection Point Labels continues to receive employee complaints with regards to their employers failure to haveaneffectivepandemicprevention program.Suchcomplaintsmaynotbe universal as to the company, but rather may be focused only on an individual location. Frequent complaints have been tied into theemployersfailuretoenforcethe proper use of face coverings, maintaining socialdistancing,andtheavailabilityof handwashing and or sanitizing stations on ISO 9001:2015 Certified Qualityindividual jobsites. Now that the January Management System 29, 2021 OSHA guidance document has The InsulatorApril 2021'