b'16 New Technology (continued from pg 15)that employs wearable smart sensor construction techniquestoincreasethehumanperception ofcarbonmonoxideandhydrogensulfide.It possessessensorsatthetopofitssleevesto detectdangerousgasesandasoundvolume sensor to handle loud on-site noises.Wearabletechnologyhascomealongway toimprovingworkingconditions,comfort, awareness, and safety on construction job sites.For the latest news on construction technologies, visit www.conexpoconagg.comTheinsoleswiththeirintegratedsensorsthenTHERMO-1200 use the data readings to calculate the entire force appliedbytheusersbodyweightandcarried load on the shoe, and if what youre picking up is too heavy, it lets you know and you can bring in some backup. Theres also an integrated jacket CALCIUM SILICATE TOUGHNESS REDEFINEDDedicated to keeping its members at the forefront in their industryThermo-1200 Calcium Silicate is not the same material that was on the market 35 years ago; it has evolved. Its compressive strength has made cal sil a preferred material, but with the latest innovations to Thermo-1200, weve redefined toughness to protect your assets:Integrated XOX Corrosion Inhibitor tocombat corrosion under insulationRated to 60 minutes in UL 1709 passive fire protection testingSuperior compressive strength (100 PSI)Water-resistant for added protection during installationPrecision cut curved segments to ensure a tight-fit installation on large diameter pipes, tanks, and vesselsjm.com/Thermo-1200 2021 Johns Manville All Rights ReservedThe InsulatorApril 2021'