b"THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEA MESSAGE FROMMARK BILLSTROMPRESIDENT, NFBA BOARD OF DIRECTORSW hether you are a supplier of products or services to the postPRESIDENT'S MESSAGEframe industry, or a post frame builder, your business is no doubt in full swing as we get into the summer of 2022. The demand for post frame continues to be strong in the typical construction market sectors, with even stronger demand for residential post frame. The current economy is making us wonder what happens next, but for now, most of us continue to be blessed with plenty of opportunities to secure more sales.We appreciate our people this time of year more than ever. For you builders that are reading this, now is a good time for you to nominate a key construction team leader for the NFBA Crew Foreman of the Month Award. This is a great way for you to give due accolades, and a $250 thank you, to a valued person and get some wide-reaching no-cost promotion for your company. All monthly winners are included in a pool to be considered for the NFBA Crew Foreman of the Yearand a $1,000 award, to be given at the 2023 NFBA Expo in Louisville. The monthly and annual winners are also featured in an issue of this magazine. Readers look forward to reading about these important people in our industry. Visit www.NFBA.org or contact Rachel Pinkus at (800) 557-6957 to make your nomination today!Your NFBA Board recently completed our June Board meeting. The Board and NFBA Staff are active throughout the year, even though we are most visible during Expo in the first quarter of each year. Prior to the Board meetings, all of the various Committee meetings are held to keep all NFBA initiatives moving forward. We review finances, get inputfrom our legal counsel on current events impacting the industry, and discuss the details of what each Committee is working on. Just so you know, the Committees include: Technical & Research, Safety, Marketing Steering, Conference & Expo, Industry Promotion and Membership. Board and Committee membership is a volunteer role and very rewarding. If you have interest in being a future board member, contact a current Board member so that you can potentially be included as a future nominee. Current Board members are listed in every issue of this National Frame Builder Magazine.As always, we encourage you to keep a focus on safety in all of your business operations. Heat index as it relates to worker safety is a particularly hot (pun intended) topic thisyear. Please keep that in mind as2022progresses. Have a great summer. Thanks for reading.8 / FRAME BUILDER - AUG2022"