b'Check Out NFBAsNEW Post-frame ConstructionCurriculum Program! TRUCEDAR STEEL SIDING 6" BOARD & BATTEN IN WHITENFBAs Basic Principles for Post-FrameVESTA STEEL SIDINGConstruction5" PLANK IN GILDED GRAINcurriculum includes: Textbook Student Workbook Instructor Manual Optional onlinecertification This curriculum is a teaching tool for the basics of BUILD FOR A LIFETIME WITH post-frame construction and can be used internallyQUALITY EDGE STEEL SIDING with your companys existing hiring and trainingQuality Edge steel siding delivers the design options owners want and the look of real processes. Contact the NFBA at 800-557-6957 wood siding without the maintenance. Homeowners are investing smarter with Kynar to learn more about this new program!coated steel siding that resist fading and wont rot, peel, chip or require caulking. This means your building owners can spend decades truly loving where they live without the CONGRATULATIONS TO cost of upkeep. PROVISION CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN BUILDING OF THE YEARVisit www.QualityEdge.com to locate your nearest distributor.EXPERTS RESIDENTIAL DIVISION FOR THE ARTIST.NFBA_Ad_0422.indd 1 4/21/22 8:25 AM'