b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELLENCElike this.3.The tough-guy mentality Greg Sizemore, VP of EHS and workforce development at Associated Builders and Contractors says that construction is an industry dominated by males, usually coming from low socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. As a result, masculinity plays a role in the workplace. Masculinity can make employees shy away from expressing their mental health problems, which can drive them to suicide.4.The opioids dependency Construction is one of the industries with the highest occupationalhazards happening every year. The injury rate for construction workers is 77 times higher compared to the national level, according to the American Society of Safety Professionals.Construction is also an industry with high levels ofWhat Can Employers Do to Prevent painand chronic pain, in particular, is the definitionSuicidesAmongConstruction of misery. Because of this, construction is also theWorkers?industry with the highest use of prescription opioids. And now we are all well aware of the opioid addictionCompanies need to provide resources to their crisis in the US and the devastation it is causing. saysemployeesDr. Sally Spencer-Thomas a clinical psychologist, anThe best advice you can give to a person with suicidal impact entrepreneur, and a well-being writer. thoughts is to direct them to certified professionals and resources. For employers, one way to do this is to add prevention resources such as National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, or Construction Working Minds, in common where employees can see them.Organizations need to create a culture of support for mental health issuesConstruction companies understand the value of discussing workplace physical safety. Employees go over training and various resources before they start working on site. Companies should follow the same tenacious attitude in addressing mental health, says Sizemore. The starting point starts with leaders setting a clear tone that it is okay to have and talk about mental health issues, adds Amanda McGough a Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist at BASE Cognitive Behavioral.Construction companies need to provide Employee Assistance ProgramsConstruction companies need to train all employeesFRAME BUILDER - AUG2022 / 37'