b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELLENCEqualified engineer in the design of the building.file for future maintenance and use copies to allow The Professional Engineer seal on the Truss Designverification that the installer/builder did their job Drawing confirms that the truss design meets thewell.The owner may wish to hire an inspector to specialized requirements for the Lumber and Metalhelp verify that the trusses are properly built and Truss Plates, for the loads and conditions statedinstalled, including all the restraints, braces, and on the Truss Design Drawing.Unless verified,uplift/bearing connections.the loads and conditions stated on the TrussTruss LumberDesign Drawing may NOT be appropriate for your specific building and the building site.TheMost of us know that lumber varies from piece to Engineer, Architect, or whoever is responsible forpiece.Structural Lumber is graded at the lumber the building design needs to verify that the Trussmill and stamped to indicate the lumber grade. Design Drawing is appropriate for the specificLumber has natural characteristics that can reduce building and site.The building designer (Engineer,the strength of the lumber, for example: knots, Architect, or other designer) is responsible forholes, splits. Lumber grading places limitations confirming that the loads and other conditionson the size of these characteristics.A higher grade stated on the Truss Design Drawing are appropriateof lumber will have smaller and/or fewer knots for the building and site. than a lower grade.If an Engineer or Architect is NOT hired, thisMost wood trusses use a higher grade of lumber responsibility will usually fall upon the builderin the top and bottom chord (the outer lumber) and/or the owner, depending on terms of contractthan for the web members (inner portion of the and/or local laws.If the responsible party istruss).The specific grades are specified on the not experienced in the review of Truss DesignTruss Design Drawing.You can verify a few pieces Drawings, they should seek assistance from aby reading the Grade Stamps.Professional Engineer. When the trusses are delivered to the site and the The Truss Design Drawings should be obtained,installation process begins, the installer should look reviewed, and verified before the trusses areover each truss and verify that there is no damage manufactured.Otherwise, you may need to payto the lumber and that most of the lumber pieces for trusses that are inadequate and should not behave a grade stamp on each piece.Each lumber used on your building.This requires planningpiece has a grade stamp from the lumber mill, but andcoordinationbetweenthebuilder,trussthe lumber is cut and trimmed to length by the manufacturer, and the reviewing engineer.Donttruss manufacturer.Thus, some grade stamps will wait until it is too late to choose a quality trussbe lost after piece cutting.supplier. If any truss piece has significant damage, it should be Once the Truss Design Drawings are acceptednoted and photographed (a repair may be needed). and approved, distribute copies to the installer,The installer and builder should work with the the building owner, building department, andtruss supplier to obtain specialized engineering inspectors.The installer will need to plan forfor all truss repairs.Do not apply any permanent installing all truss restraints and bracing at locationsrepair until a truss repair drawing is provided by specified on the Truss Design Drawings in additionthe truss supplier.In some cases, the truss may to bracing specified on the building plans.Theneed to be replaced, instead of being repaired. owner should keep the Truss Design Drawings onFRAME BUILDER - AUG2022 / 13'