b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEcontinued from page: 27should not consume more than six eight ouncethe General Duty Clause an employer can take cups of water per hour. Again, this is a topicto prevent heat illness in its employees.that should be discussed with your companyI urge you to download a copy of the app I physician to establish the appropriate frequencyhave been referring to in this bulletin, and and amount of hydration.with the steps outlined above, develop your 4.AsIhavealreadyindicated,thefourthown heat illness prevention program. These component of protection for the jobsite is toare the minimum steps that need to be taken to LEGALLY SPEAKINGprovide shade or a climate controlled areaprotect your employees from heat illness and its for employees for cooling-off periods. Youconsequences. Remember, you must document should set up cool shaded rest areas with closeeach step you take as you move forward to proximity to the jobsite. OSHA also suggestsdevelop your heat illness prevention program that you provide shade, hats and sunscreenand implement it and apply it to your employees. and encourage employees to use them whenYou should document the procedures you working in a high heat index environmentundertake to ensure you always have adequate and/or direct sunlight. There have been casescool water on every jobsite. You should carefully reported in which employees have been directeddocument all training regimens you employ to to go to a cooling-off area which was somewhateducate your employees regarding the entire remote from the active jobsite and, becausespectrum of heat illness prevention.they were already experiencing the symptomsRemember, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ofheatstroke,wonderedaimlesslyaroundto provide a place of employment for your for a long period of time with unfavorableemployees that is free of recognized hazards that consequences.So,whenyousetupyourcould cause, or likely to cause, death or serious cooling-off area, set it up close enough to thephysical harm. Therefore, you SHOULD NOT jobsite that someone can at least watch anjust train your employees and then leave it up employee heading for the cooling-off area untilto them to comply with their training. You they get to that location.cannot rely on your employees to comply with 5. The final component of the NIOSH Criteriayour heat illness prevention procedures because DocumentforheatillnesspreventionisTHEY DO NOT FEEL THEY NEED THEM! training. You should train your employees onYou MUST place the responsibility on your site all the illnesses that can arise from workingsupervisors TO ENSURE that ALL employees in a high heat index environment. You shouldremain in full compliance with your heat illness train your employees regarding the hazardsprevention program whenever the heat index of those conditions, as well as the symptomsgoes above minimal risk. Your site supervisors that individuals experience in each of thoseshould constantly monitor the heat index on conditions. Again, the OSHA - NIOSH heatthe site. They should also ENSURE that all app provides good information with regards toemployees comply with the steps that you have those symptoms. Your employees should alsoin place to protect them from heat illness, based be trained in how to recognize those symptomson the heat index at the job site. The supervisors in themselves and others and the first-aid stepsshould also recognize that these safeguards may that should be taken for each of the conditions.change throughout the day as the heat index The preceding five components summarizechanges. Employees MUST understand that what OSHA considers to be feasible steps undercomplying with your work rules to prevent 28 / FRAME BUILDER - AUG2022'