b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEsmaller number of trusses. We call this smaller number of trusses a representative Sample of the larger group.If no significant problems are identified in the Sample, then we trust that the group will likely be good.If problems are identified in the Sample, then we can choose another Sample to verify or decide to verify all the trusses.When using a Sample method. TECHNOLOGY & RESEARCHthe other trusses should still get a quick look to discover any missing Metal Connector Plates or Figure 2.Example Metal Truss Plateother glaring issues.and connectionWhen verifying the plate connections, we are Connections using Metal Connector Plates not looking for perfection.The plate locations TheMetalConnectorPlatesarespecializedwill not be perfect, and some teeth of the Metal connectors that are critical to the strength of theConnector Plate may be into unsound wood. truss.A single weak joint can result in the collapseThere are complex manufacturing tolerances used of a building under heavy loads.There are sixfor inspections in the truss plant.We need to keep items to verify: verification simple.Any condition that looks off by more than 10% should be photographed 1.The plate must be the type and size (length andand noted.Any issues identified should be sent width) specified on the Truss Design Drawingback to the truss supplier.The truss supplier can (or larger). decide which issues need a repair, and they can 2.The plate must be located on the joint asget a repair drawing for those cases.specified on the Truss Design Drawing3.The plate must be properly pressed into sound wood.There should be only a limited area of knots, wane, holes, etcetera in the area where the Metal Connector Plate grips into the lumber.4.The plates must be installed onto both faces of each truss connection. Figure 3.Example of Metal Truss Plate Connection with an Embedment Gap5.The plates must be completely embedded into the truss lumber (with little tolerance).One issue from the previous list that requires 6.The cut lumber pieces must fit closely togetherspecial attention is: at each joint as shown on the Truss Design5. The plates must be completely embedded into Drawing. the truss lumber (with little tolerance).Due to the large number of connections that shouldThe teeth of the Metal Connector Plates are only be verified, it is difficult and time-consuming toabout 3/8 inch (0.38) long (usually).Even a check all of them.One option is to hire an inspectorsmall gap between the truss plate and the wood for this task. Another is to closely verify only awill significantly weaken the connection. For 14 / FRAME BUILDER - AUG2022'