b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINETRUSS, BUT VERIFY (CONFIRM THE QUALITY OF MPC WOOD TRUSSES IN A POST-FRAME BUILDING)Metal Plate Connected (MPC) Wood Trusses are quite common in Post-Frame Buildings. They hold up the roof of your building, and must withstand loads from snow, wind, and the occasional roof maintenance.On Post-Frame Buildings the trusses are most commonly spaced between 4 and 10 on center.The trusses are usually clear-span with no internal support. TECHNOLOGY & RESEARCHThis construction is very efficient and is one of the advantages of Post-Frame Buildings.Figure 1.Copyright MilMar Pole BuildingsBill Bolduc, PE, SEPRINCIPAL Xpert Structural Engineeringyour building. The five major items to verify are:Specialized Engineering Truss Lumber Taking MPC Wood Trusses to New Heights,Connections Using Metal Connector PlatesSpans, and Spacings LateralRestraintofTrussMembersand T he wide truss spacing and large clear-spansBracing of the Lateral Restraintsof Post-Frame Buildings are in contrastBuilding Maintenancewith the use of MPC Wood Trusses onSpecialized Engineeringthe Truss Design most residential and other building types.ThisDrawing (TDD)means the quality of the trusses in Post-FrameA truss is a complex structural product that is Buildings are more important to the buildingspecially designed and engineered to safely perform integrity than in other building types.The otherat a certain load level under specified conditions. building types often have more redundancy andAll of this starts with a Truss Design Drawing multiple loads paths that can support the roofloads,(TDD).The Truss Design Drawing is usually even when one or more of the trusses are weak.sealed by a Professional Engineer that is registered To assure the integrity of your Post-Frame Buildingby the State where the building is located.The you need to be confident that each truss is well-builtTruss Design Drawing may be difficult to read, and in good condition.A good builder, installer,because it contains a lot of special information owner, or consumer of a Post-Frame Buildingabout the truss and the conditions of usage.will trust, but verify. This article will help youThe Professional Engineer seal on the Truss Design verify the quality of the MPC Wood Trusses inDrawing is NOT a substitute for the services of a 12 / FRAME BUILDER - AUG2022'