b'Become an Accredited Post-Frame Builder and be publicly recognized for your commitment to professionalism and quality in ethical business practices, safety, and educationThe Accredited Post-Frame Builder (APFB) Program recognizesTo renew your accreditation every 2 years, one or more employees of builders who embrace programs and policies that promote quality andyour company must earn 12 continuing education units (CEUs) within customer satisfaction. APFB status sets your company apart from thethat time by attending educational programs at the Frame Building competition and entitles you to use the APFB logo on your companyExpo, NFBA webinars or chapter programs, or other preapproved events.letterhead, business cards, and other marketing materials. In addition, your company is highlighted in the Find a Builder section of theAs industry professionals, we want our customers and the general National Frame Building Association (NFBA) website (www.nfba.org),ADpublic to know that we care about industry standards, high-quality in the membership directory, and at the Frame Building Expo.workmanship, safety, and ethical business practices. Set your company apart from the competition by completing the application and As an Accredited Post-Frame Builder, you are authorized to use thereturning it with payment.following language on all bid documents:Complete the application form on the reverse side and become an (Your Company Name) has been recognized by the National FrameAccredited Post-Frame Builder today!Building Association as an Accredited Post-Frame Builder for its commitment to ethical business practices, safety, training, andquality service.Standards of Professional ConductInasmuch as it is my belief that my reputation in the building industry is dependent upon my devotion to the highest ideals of honesty, courtesy, and integrity, as evidenced by my willingness to conduct business in a spirit of fairness and equality for all, and inasmuch as the National Frame Building Association has dedicated itself to the same high ideals of professional responsibility, I hereby agree to abide by and to conduct business in accordance with the following Code of Ethics:1.I shall at all times exercise the utmost integrity in all of my business6.I shall dedicate myself to the promotion of professionalism within my transactions and in all my relations with customers, employees, suppliers,industry, and I shall work diligently to build and perpetuate continuing and competitors. consumer faith and trust in the National Frame Building Association builders.2.I shall refrain from the use of false or misleading advertising and will honor7.I shall faithfully stand behind the work I perform and the products I sell in the written and approved purchase agreement of my customers. accordance with manufacturers recommendations and warranty. 3.I shall make no false statements or circulate harmful rumors about my8.I shall, in good faith, furnish to the proper building authorities all competitors product, business, or financial or personal standing. certifications regarding professional or structural engineering and loading 4.I shall endeavor to abide by present and future building standards of thestandards that are required of me.National Frame Building Association. 9.I shall encourage my fellow employees, my fellow members of the National 5.I shall make every effort to preserve my customers trust and good faith by Frame Building Association, and my colleagues to adhere to this Code of providing the service and repair parts that they may need. Ethics.Help grow your business byjoining this distinguishedgroup of post-frame builders.'