b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELLENCEthe five steps set out in the NIOSH Criteriathat environment. These categories range from Document for the prevention of heat illness. Iflow risk to extreme risk. The app also has a you choose not to use the app you will have tocategory for minimal risk but does not indicate use the NOAA heat index chart (Heat Forecastthat precautions are necessary for that category. Tools (weather.gov)) and cross reference theMost employers vary their work/rest regimen temperature and humidity to get the heat index.based upon the heat index at any given location. You will find most of the requirements of theI suggest to all my clients that they consult Criteria Document on the OSHA - NIOSHwith their company physician to assist them in heat app, but below is a short summary ofestablishing an appropriate work/rest regimen those requirements: for the different heat index categories. 1. Ensure that all employees new to a location3. Establish a hydration schedule. If you look with a high heat index are gradually exposedat any of the four risk categories on the heat to full-duty at that location. This is called theillness app, you will note that they all indicate acclimatization period and may last from 7the necessity of water and shade. In fact, OSHA to 14 days, depending on the employee andurges employees to always consider water, his/her physical condition. Even on a low- rest and shade to protect employees from risk jobsite, the OSHA heat app recommendsheat illness. For example, OSHA suggests for acclimatizing new and returning workers. Thethe moderate risk category that employers app states that these individuals may be atencourage employees to consume one eight- high risk for heat-related illness, even at aounce cup of water every 15 to 20 minutes if lower heat index. they are going to be working in the heat for less2. Establish a work/rest regimen for all workthan 2 hours. OSHA also suggests that during being performed on the site with a high heatprolonged sweating lasting several hours, that index. If you look at the OSHA - NIOSH heatthe employer also encourage their employees app, you will see four categories of risk whichto drink electrolyte drinks in addition to water. require protection for employees working inOSHA also reminds employers that employees continued on next page FRAME BUILDER - AUG2022 / 27'