b"JOIN MRCA Today and Save up to $50 when registering for the Denver Convention MElVIBERSHIP APPLICATION The undersigned company hereby applies for the following class of membership in MIDWEST ROOFING CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION, INC. (check one). ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP. Any established roofing contractor in the Midwestern states area engaged in the application ofwaterroofing, proofing,siding and insulation. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. Any person or firm with an interest in the business and affairs ofAssociation, except (1) manufacturers and this suppliers oferials and products used by the Active Members of mat this Association and (2) roofing contractors eligible for active membership in this Association. First Name________________________ _ _ _ _ _ ___ _Address_______________________________ __ __ _Business Telephone__________Date of Establishment_________ Name oft's Representatives: Applican1. - - Spouse's Name 2. - - Spouse's Name 3. - - - - Spouse's Name If you are applying forAssociate Membership, please describe your interest in the business and affairs of this Association. Theundersigned companycertifies that it iseligible fortheclassof membership applied for: SignatureTitle Date Annual Membership Dues intheamount of $200 must accompany thisapplication. Appropriatecredit isgivenonthefollowingyear'sduesaccording tothedatethe application is received. Your duespayment is deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. However,the IRS requires us to say that contributions or gifts to MRCA are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes.ROOFINGCONTRACTORSASSOCIATION,INC.64106-2123 MIDWEST 1440CommerceBankBuilding,1000WalnutStreet,KansasCity,Missouri (816)421-MRCA"