b'August, 1988 CERTA TRAINING39thAnnualPREZSEZ OFFERED ATby Robert M. Dalsin CONVENTIONConventionThe material shortage crisis .if. esThe Certified Roofing Torch Weld October 9-12jcalating.We wereust told yesterday ingApplicatorProgramwillbebyvarioussuppliersthat offered to both instructorsand ap Denver, Coloradoisocyanurateandphenolicfoaminplicators at the October convention insulationsarevirtuallyunavailable the rest of this year. This really leaves Denver.SCHOLARSHIPus in a pickle with orders on hand and AWARDED TO HAYS,bids made to prospective customers. The safety training session for ap KANSAS STUDENTOur only recourse now seems to be to plicatorsisscheduledforSunday,change thespecificationfor roof inOctober 9 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Traci Miller, a sophomore at Kan sulationto whateverisavailableat at the Currigan Exhibition Center insasStateUniversity,isthefirstwhatever the price may be. This is not Denver, the site of our convention ac recipient ofhe newly created MRCAa very palatable situation for our custivities. The registration fee for thet tomers. The unavailability situation onedayapplicatorsessionis$65Foundation ,Inc. annual scholarship.does not give us an out to change the ._,; which includes lunch and attendanceThe MRCA Foundation, Inc. ,a non specification. We will be forced to inattheconventionopeningcocktailprofit organization, was establishedcreasethepriceonj obswehave party held in the trade show on Sun to provide scholarship assistance atalready bid. There is no real choice dayevening from 5:00 p.m. to7:00the post-secondary level. Applicantshere as we cannoteven begin to abp.m. whorer nt end toursuesorbthetremendouscost increases a pursuing, o i p wehaveseeninroofinsulation The training program for instruc a curriculum at an accredited univer materials.Thesecostsmustbe tors willbeofferedbythe Roofingsity,college ,communitycollege,passed alonginorder for us to surIndustrytional Institute at thevocational or trade school which willvive. Educa lead to a career in thenRIEI\'s Denver office on Saturday andconstruction idustry are eligible.The price increases Sunday, October 8-9. Registration forare extending to the 1 1/2 day instructors program isotherareasof roofingmaterialas Scholarships are awarded from thewell. Now suppliers of $295,which includes attendance atfiberglass felts theconvention\'sSundayeveningdonated funds received by the Foun for built-up roofing, single ply sheet opening cocktail party.dation.Personsdesiringtomake(continued on memorial contributions or other con page 2) The training sessions will providetributions should mail them to: traininginthesafeandproperMRCA Foundation, Inc. methodsof applyingtorchwelded1440 Commerce Bank Building modifiedbitumenroofingsystems.l000Walnut Thesafe typrogramwillcovertheKansas City, Mo. 64106-2123INSIDE safe and proper application practices,A $5 , 000 contribution was recentlyPage propertorchequipmentuse,basicDirectorshi p receivedbytheFoundationin 2 propaneknowledge,andsafe2 memory ofale Crampton, who diedNominations . propane gas handling and storage.D McCawl eyAward . 3 Passing a proficiency test at the endAugust 12, 1986. Dale Crampton ofNRLRC Seminar 3 of the session will result in certifica- Fort Smith, Arkansas was active inLetter To The Editor 3 \'"tion.MRCAforanumber of yearsandOSHA Inspection .4 servedasPresidentin1966.He founded the Dale Crampton Roofing Class size is limited, so send in theCompany in 1952 and remained acenclosedregistrationformim tive in the company until he retired in mediately toyour space. 1980.reserve'