b"N s SPECIAL MRCA FARES onIUJUnlTED AIRLlnes United and United Express have joined with MRCA toYoumay purchase your tickets from your localtravel offer special airfares when you attend the 39th Annualagent, or Windward will mail them to your home or ofConvention in Denver and travelOctober 6-17, 1988.fice. Whichever means of ticketing you choose, the speTo obtain a 5% discount off United's fares (from FirstcialMRCAfarecanonlybeobtainedwhenthe Class through the heavily discounted Max Saver), or anreservation is initiated by telephone through our special unrestricted 40% discount off standard coach fares - United 800 number, and ticketed in the U.S. simply follow these easy steps:In addition, MRCA attendees will be eligible for a special 1.PhoneUnited'stoll-freenumber at 800-521-4041drawing for onecomplimentaryround-tripcontinental between 8:00 a.m. and 11 :00 p.m. EST. Immediate U.S. ticket good for travel before June 1, 1989 (holiday ly give the special MRCA account numberperiods excluded). 8188H. ~phone MRCA's official travelagent, WindwardSeats are limited, so call early for best availability. Fares or, 800-255-6132 Travel atbetween 8:00 a.m. and 4:00are guaranteed at time of ticket purchase. p.m. EST.-"