b'July,1988 MRCA HEADS FOR THE HIGH COUNTRYLuxurious Convention ~Hotels Beckon to Convention Attendees MRCA has been able to obtain an outstanding block of hotel rooms for the October convention. Four hotels, the Hyatt Regency Denver, the Denver Marriott Hotel, the Westin Hotel TaborCenterandthe HolidayInn Downtown have offered the best accommodations Denver has available. TheHyatt Regency Denver,coheadquarterswiththeDenver Marriott Hotel, was formerly known llENVERA Mileand Climbingas the Fairmont Hotel. This elegant Highhotel property is located only 6 blocks \'./ MRCA will once again head for the mountains ofthe 39th An from Currigan Exhibition Hall and Colorado foris nual Convention andthe country,in the heart of the downtown shopTrade Show. Roofing contractors from across manufacturers and suppliers ofroofingandandpingcultural district. materials, equipmentservices,and theindustryOctober 9-12TheDenver MarriottHotel,coleaders ofroofingwill gatherin Denver for the most exciting convention the midwestyet to see. hasheadquartersforconvention Denver, nestled in the foothills ofRocky Mountains was picked byactivities,towersover the financial theJohn Naisbitt in his best selling book Megatrends as one of10district.Locatedwithin4blocksof America\'s"new cities ofopportunity." Thishas risen in a few short years from aCurrigan Hall this beautiful 42 story greatbeautiful city greatastheof small, mid western city to a rapidly growing metropolitan area ofimpor hotel isdynamic ascityDentance. Denver is second only to Washington D.C. in the number of Federalver. offices. The City has one of the youngest median ages in the nation, and theTheWestinHotelTabor Center country\'s secondof college graduates perInhighest numbercapita. StapletonDenver is only 3 years old and offers ternational Airport is now the fifth busiest air hub in the world and its newtheeleganceand luxury you have airportprojected to become the world\'s secondairby the year isbusiestcenter greatpage 2) 2000. Denver is a city ofopportunity with facilities to match.(continued on Curriganbesite ofAnnual Convention and Exhibition Hall willthetheTrade Show. Locateddistance ofdowntown hotels, convention exwithin walkingtheINSIDE hibitors and attendees will find this center accessible and attractive. The trade show will provide members of the roofing industryopportunityPage anPrez Sez . 2 reviewveryroofingandwellservicesBrinkmann SPRI Pres tothelatest inmaterialsequipment, asas to the roofing con tractor. 2 Colorado Mountains Site In addition to over 350 booth spaces, the trade show will feature demonstra of Reconvened 3 tionsbymanufacturersof equipmentandroofingapplications.TheseTechnical & Business demonstrations will take place outside the Convention Hall during regularSessions 3 tradeThis ischance to see how well thatGertaTrain show hours.yourcrane you have beenInstructors 3 \'\' purchasingorinKeynote Speaker hinking aboutworksto participatea hands-on application of. 4 .__;odified bitumen.Airline Discounts 4 StayHazard Technical sessions presented by manufacturers ofof various roofing systemsCommunications . 4 will be conductedshowspecially designated areas.will during the tradeinThisWage and afford the contractor an opportunity to review and compare a number ofBenefits theIncrease . 4 many roofing systems available.'