b'Built-uproofing may he appliedtoafiber-hoard deck,particularlywhen slopes are less than 2" per foot andshinglesnotrecommended Theunderlayshouldbefastened with just enough nails toholdit in positionuntiltheshinglesare laid. In areas subjectto freezing conditions-where there is apossibility of ice forming along the eaves- the felt underlay extending up from the eaves to a line 24" from the inside wall of thebuildingshouldhavecemented laps. Asphaltshinglesshouldbe of the self-sealingorinterlockingtypesor should have tabs cemented down. Do not nail metalflashingsor accessory items directly to the roof deck. before proceeding with the work.cialfastenershavingcomparableSuitablewoodnailingmembers Donot impose heavyconcentratedwithdrawalresistancemaybeused,should be provided for attachment of loads such as piles of materials on thebut these should not exceedl"inthese items. Asphalt flashing materials roof. Put down planks as runways forlengthfor2"roofdeckor2"inmay be either nailed or cemented to carts, wheelbarrows and other equip lengthfor3" roofdeck.the deck. ment.PromptlyremovesustainedFor roof slopesof 4" per footorRigid shingles of various types may loadssuchas heavy items of equip greater,asphaltshinglesshouldbebe applied over roof deck, but the use ment.Avoid dropping heavyobjectsappliedoveranunderlayofwater of unusually heavy materials, such as on the deck.proofpaperorfelt(nonvaporsome types of slates or tiles, should be Preparedasphaltroofingsuchasbarrier type).avoided. Before applying the shingles, asphalt shingles and similar productsFor low slope roofs of less than 4"it is first necessary to put down a laymay be applied directly to either 2"per foot but not less than 2" per foot,er of waterproof paper or felt,over or 3"thicknessesofroofdeckwithadouble underlayof No.15 asphaltwhich are applied wood nailing strips suitablenails- fasteners.Nailsfoltshould be used. For this applica spacedaccordingtotheshingle exor shouldbel"annularlygroovedtionfirstlaya19"startercourseposure. (ringshank)hot galvanizedroofingalongthe eaves,followedbya36"For roof slopes of less than 2" per nailshavingshanksmanufacturedsheetoverlapping the starter course_foot, the use of asphalt shingles is not from 11 or 12 gauge wire and headsContinue with 36" sheets, eachover recommended.In such cases, built-up 3/s"in diameter or larger_ Other spe- lapping the preceding course by 19"- roofing may be applied to the top surface of dry roofdeck.Where necessarywithasphalt( andinallcases where hot coal tar pitch is used) , the joints between units should be caulked or otherwise treated to prevent bitumen seepage. Whetherasphaltshingles,rigid shingles or built-up roofing is used as theexteriorcoveringfortheroof deck, care taken in the application of these materials will help the roof deck do the job it is intended to do-providingcompleteweatherprotection thatwillmeansatisfiedcustomers for you. Asphaltshingles canhenaileddirectly tothe fiber-hoardroofdeck withoutneed for aspecialnailingbase. OCTOBER19599'