b"Tuesday,11thDay.MotorcoachwilltakethegrouptoCologne,wheretheywillenplanefor Berlin,leavingtimeforaneveningviewingBerlin'sfamousKurfurstendan shopping district and its night clubs. Wednesday,12thDay.RuberoidwerkeandotherBerlinroofingfirmshavevolunteeredtoshow delegatesexamplesoftheamazingconstructioninWestBerlin.Delega:tes will travel by subway toEast Berlin(at acost of 8cents each)to view the Stalin Allee Apartments, and by subway back to West Berlin(at acost ofbelieve it or not- 2 cents on the same subway). Thursday,13thDay.Berlin to Warsaw by air, departing in the morning. Friday,14thDay.Complete sight-seeing of the city and nearby area. Saturday,15thDay.Warsaw to Moscow by air. Delegateswillbetakenby bustoanIntourist Hotel.Evening is freeforsightseeing. Sunday,16thDay.The morning is freefor attending church services at theU.S.Embassy and inMoscow.Intheafternoondelegateswillmee-twithSovietconstruction executives with aspecial interest in roofing. Monday,17thDay.TripsfordelegatestoMoscowconstructionprojects,includingtheKaiser Dome building, erected in Solnikoff Park by the Lydick Roofing Co. Fort Worth, Texas. Visit to theIndustrial and Agricultural Exhibit. Tuesday,18thDay.Sight-seeingin Moscow. VisitstoSt.Basil'sCathedral,theKremlin,LeninStalin Mausoleum, Red Square, the Moscow Subway (one of the most ornate in theworld),MoscowStateUniversitywithitsskyscrapertower,andfor the ladies avisit to the renowned G. U.M.department store. Wednesday,19thDay.Moscow to London by air. Arrival will be in the late afternoon, and the group willremain at the airport toboard aflightfor the Shannon Airport,Ireland, where thegroup will stay overnightand seizetheopportunitytopurchase tax-freebargains available at Shannon's Free Port AirportShoppingcenter. Thursday,20thDay.LeaveShannonAirportat10P.M.and bepreparedforalongnight,as 10 P.M.in Ireland is only5P.M.in New York.Dinner is served on board and breakfast the following morning. Friday,21stDay.Planes arriveback inNew Yorkat 7: 30A.M.enabling all tocatch flights to any part of the U.S.and Canada and be home in time fordinner. Dates for the International Convention have not been setyet, but the months suggested are July, August and September. Trade associations in Europe seldom meet during July and August, and their members would prefer September. However, they are willing to suit the convenience of the overseas delegates. It is impossible to detail all of the educational and entertaining features of this 1st International Roofing Trade Convention, and quite impossible to describe the warmth of welcome that will be extended by European participants. Regardingthe Moscowtrip,whileIntouristwill supplyan interpreter,the I.R.T.C. willhaveits owninterpreter toenable American and Canadianstoconverse directlywith Soviet roofing technicians,andbe sure thattheir questions and the answers are not being distorted by politicalinterpreters. The itinerary is subjectto change.If you have suggestions forachange in itinerary,theywill beconsideredin making the finaldraft. INTERNATIONALROOFING TRADECONVENTION,518Great LakesBuilding,Chicago6 TENTATIVERESERVATION Thisreservation does not obligate youinany way, but it doesenabletheI.R.T.C.Committeetomakeafairlyclose estimate onthenumber of participants,includingtheir familiesandguests.Pleasecheckthecouponbelowasto yourpreferences. Name- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Address I p!an to attend the International Convention. Myparty includes__ _men _ __women ___Childrenunder12I am interested only in the trip to London and Paris.D aminterestedintheentiretripincludingBerlinandMoscow.D prefer datesinJulyDAugustDSeptember,1960.D JULY195911"