b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEA MESSAGE FROMMARK BILLSTROMPRESIDENT, NFBA BOARD OF DIRECTORSI t seems like I just finished writing this opening message for thePRESIDENT\'S MESSAGEAugust issue of National Frame Builder, and now here we are in November! With the majority of it behind us, I hope 2022 has been a safe, productive, and profitable year for all of you. Your NFBA Board and Staff have been hard at work developing content and education topics that will continue to assist you in managing, improving, and growing your business.The topic of Safety will continue to be a priority for the NFBA; primarily for the "taking good care of people" reasons, but also for the risk and financial reasons that can have a majorimpact on your business. One of the many benefits of NFBA membership is the safety and legal advice that is availableto you. In this issue, our attorney, Gary Auman, provides an update and useful information about accident investigations. Also, in the category of legal advice, this issue includes an article with insights on how to protect your business and personal assets from lawsuits. That\'s a situation that none of us want to be in, but it is smart to be prepared and aware.Inflation, midterm elections, recession, and the economy in general; are all popular and sometimes divisive topics these days. With all of the conflicting economic data out there, it\'s hard to know how to plan for your business in the year(s) to come. This issue won\'t be published until after the elections, so we won\'t attempt to predict that outcome. But, as your Association, we can try to provide useful financial information with which to plan. One example appears in this issue, where we provide input on how you can retain/protect your margins, as building costs continue to increase. We hope you find this and future similar information useful.The NFBA\'sprimary event each year is Expo, happening in Louisville in February 2023. This issue of National Frame Builder takes a sneak peek at Expo and some of the speakers and activities to which you can look forward. Register early, we look forward to seeing you there!Thanks for taking the time to read through this issue of National Frame Builder. This IS the magazine of your Association. We encourage you to support it. Consider the audience that receives it and how you might benefit by advertising here. Also, share it with others. You can pass on the e-version or the paper version, to co-workers and associates that may not get another chance to see it. NFBA Staff and contributors will continue to provide great post-frame specific content for you.8 / FRAME BUILDER - NOV2022'