b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELLENCEtruss to post are critical. To complete the load path,path can withstand these design loads.the post and truss must also be designed to resist the1 Fromthe2021InternationalBuildingCode, knee brace forces. Missing any one of these elementsInternational Code Council.Online at iccsafe.orgwill result in a weak link within the load path. NFBA recently published the Non-Diaphragm Post-FrameABOUT THE AUTHORS: Timothy R. Royer, PE is the Building Design Guide to address knee brace designpresident of Timber Tech Engineering Inc, a consulting as part of the lateral force resisting system. engineering firm that specializes in the design of post-frame Conclusion buildings. Prior to founding Timber Tech Engineering Inc., Tim worked for Rigidply Rafters, Inc. of Richland, There are many issues which may present challengesPennsylvaniaastheirheadEngineerforsixyears.during the design and construction of a reliableAaron Halberg, PE, is owner of Halberg Engineering Post-Frame building and only some of the potentialLLC in Hayward, Wisconsin. He is licensed in 12 states challenges were discussed in this article. It is importantandspecializesinpost-frameengineeringservices.to establish the right design loads at the beginning of the project by ensuring the recommended and desired loads are satisfied, as well as the code required minimum design loads, and ensure the entire load Congratulations Building of the Year project winnersThank you for trusting Perma-Columnproducts for your award-winning projects.CRITEL BUILDINGSWorkshop and office space LEVEL EDGE CONSTRUCTION MARTIN CONSTRUCTIONFoundation: Concrete frost footings/Sturdi-Wallanchor brackets Community space Residential workshopFoundation: Perma-Column Foundation: Partial poured concrete/precast foundation system Sturdi-Wall Plus anchor bracketsJEREMY REIFF CONSTRUCTION INC + MSS ENGINEERING CRITEL BUILDINGSCommunity center projectHome and workshopFoundation: Perma-Column precast foundation system Foundation: Concrete frost footings/Sturdi-Wall anchor bracketsBuild better. Build stronger. Build to last. permacolumn.com22-PC-026_Builders-of-the-Year-Ad-HORIZ-v3.indd 1 5/31/22 2:10 PM FRAME BUILDER - NOV2022 / 17'