b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELLENCE8.she did or saw, or to find fault with the You should separate the witnesses to the incident from each other and from otherwitness. If you are a union employer, be employees. You will need to interviewsure you comply with the language of your anyonewhohasbeenidentifiedasacollective bargaining agreement (CBA). If witness. You should also take statementsthe CBA requires you to permit the witness from individuals at the site, who wereto have union representation while you not witnesses. These statements can beinterview him/her be sure you comply with brief and limited to a simple statementit. confirming that they were not witnesses10. Youshouldusethesameteamforall to the incident. You are taking witnesswitnesses. DO NOT just hand each witness statements NOT asking for opinions. Itapieceofpaperandhavethemfillit is important to get statements even fromout. Take the time and do the interview those who did not see anything, to thatcorrectly. Interview the witnesses in a quiet effect, in the event litigation arises fromcomfortable location, if at all possible. the accident/incident First, have the witnesses tell you what he/9.I recommend interviewing witnesses inshe saw. After the witness has completedtandem. In other words, I recommend twotheir statement, go back and ask clarifying trained management representatives (orquestions. DO NOT ask leading questions. supervisors or representatives of the safetyThese are questions that suggest the answer department) interview each witness. One(response) you are looking for by the way team member should take notes and theit is worded. For example, Isnt it true other ask the questions. Remember youthat you were not in a good location to see are doing this to get information, not towhat occurred? The better question, after challenge either what the witness says he/ you have the initial statement isPlease continued on next page FRAME BUILDER - NOV2022 / 27'