b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEINSIDE THE FRMEJIM POHTILLAEach Issue of Frame Builder Magazine will feature an article by National Frame Builder Magazine Editor, Rachel Pinkus, giving an inside, personal look at the lives of one of the many volunteer members that dedicate their time and treasure to NFBA and the post-frame industry.BY Rachel PinkusINSIDE THE FRAMENational Frame Builder EditorNFBA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Imajority of thoseIndustries. After about a year, AJ offered me a have lived all of my life in Minnesota and spentposition as a full time company employee, and theas they say, the rest is history. Since that time, years growing up in Wayzata,I have enjoyed a long career in the post -frame industry, MN a small Western suburbthe past nineteen years to present with Plyco.approximately twenty minutesKris and I both participate in a lot of charities, food pantries, from Minneapolis. Being awounded warriors, and animal charities. The one charity true Minnesotan, we spent the winters snowmobiling, highevent I actually participate in is the Wayzata Community school ski trips and of course,Church Rummage Sale which was started 102 years ago hockey. I played from the timeby the women of the Wayzata Community Church. This I was 8, a late bloomer byis a huge annual sale with everything managed, set up and CONTACT US Minnesota standards, until fouroperated by church volunteers. All items are intentionally PLYCO CORPORATION priced to fit anyones budget. Average income from the 2 day ELKHART LAKE, WIyears after high school. Today, HTTPS://WWW.PLYCO.COM/Kris and I, Kris being my bettersale is $260,000.00, with every penny going to five deserving PH: 800-558-5895 half of 27 years, enjoy boatingcharities. I am in charge of repairing and pricing the lawn and spending time at the familymowers and power equipment. I started when my father cabin located in the boundary waters wilderness area locatedasked me to help them out one year because the regular in the far North Eastern tip of Minnesota known as therepair guy retired, that was 22 years ago. I really enjoy the arrowhead. One of the advantages to being that far Northpeople and the spirit of the event.other than pristine forests and lakes, there is absolutely noThe NFBA has benefited me personally in many ways. cell or internet The NFBA organization and NFBA satellite chapter I managed to get into the post-frame industry in aorganizations have strengthened our industry and people roundabout way and sort of by accident. During high schoolby creating an environment of participation, friendship and after graduating from high school in 1976, I workedand comradery between customers and competitors alike. at an automotive repair facility full time while attendingAdditionally, this environment has opened the door for job Normandale community college with plans to transfer toopportunities within and outside the organization, and the University of Minnesota. I was taking business andcreated lifelong friendships.Many of us in the industry marketing courses but mainly trying to figure out what Ihave worked for one or more competitors within the NFBA was going to do with my life. So happens one of our regularmembership.customers from the automotive facility was a manufacturersBeing a member and participating in the NFBA has rep. In 1980, he approached me to see if I had an interest inbenefited Plyco in many ways. One of the major benefits getting into the business of selling building products. Theis the comradery mentioned earlier, including participation owner of the service center, who I am forever indebted,from builders, suppliers and manufacturers to the industry, graciously agreed for me to travel with the rep firm everyas well as competing manufactures. The NFBA and its other week until I had enough time to make a decision. Imembers have strived for continued improvement through eventually chose the route of being a manufactures rep.building codes, improved products and safety.The Post As it happens, one of the lines that I represented was AJFrame Initiative is a prime example of an extensive quality, 34 / FRAME BUILDER - NOV2022'