b"2023 NFBA Conference & Expo FOR OFFICE USE ONLYAttendee Registration Form Rcv'd by_________________________________ February 22-24 | Kentucky International Convention CenterDate____________________________________Louisville, KYPlease print clearly.Use a separate form for each registrant. Duplicate as necessary.Complete name ___________________________________________________________________________ First name for badge _________________________________________ Title ______________________________________ Company _____________________________________ Company city/state __________________________________________ Mailing address (home work) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City _______________________________________ State ________________________________________ Zip code __________________________________________________ Work phone ________________________________Cell phone__________________________________ E-mail address (required*) _____________________________________*Con rmation of your registration will be sent only via e-mail to the e-mail address you provide here. This is my rst Expo.I have special needs. Please contact me.I will need vegetarian meals. I do not wish to be listed in the printed registration list. Not a member? Join NFBA and receive up to 60% off Expo registration and 50% off NFBA dues. Visit nfba.org to join and register, or call800.557.6957. Some exclusions apply.Builder Community A Spouse/Guest Name Badges CBuilders, students, design professionals, speciers, and others engaged in the construction ofSpouses, non-industry-related guests, and children under age 16 are free to attend the trade show only and will not be post-frame or wood-column buildings must register under Builder Community. Registrationadmitted into educational sessions. An additional fee is required to attend optional ticketed events. List the name(s) of includes admission to educational sessions and the trade show. An additional fee is required toguest(s) below.attend optional ticketed events and workshops i n Box D. Name(s) _______________________________________________Name(s) ___________________________________________________Full Conference RegistrationName(s) ___________________________________________________(includes educational sessions and trade show)On or before 1/10/23 After 1/10/23Member $80 $120Nonmember $205 $290 Optional Ticketed Events (Expo Registration Required) D Student (ID required) Free Free Awards Luncheon (LUNCH), Thursday, February 23rd 11:45 am 1:15 pm1-Day Conference Registration___ Member tickets at $55 ea = $ ___. ___ Nonmember tickets at $65 ea = $ ____.(includes educational sessions and trade show for 1 day onlychoice of Tues., Wed., or Thurs.On or before 1/10/23After 1/10/23 Christians in Construction Reception (REC), Thursday, February 23rd 5:307:30 pmMember $35 $65(Free) # of tickets ____ Nonmember $90 $150Student (ID required) Free FreeCheck the day you will attend.Wednesday ThursdayFriday Subtotal D $___________Subtotal A $___________ Attendee InformationENon-Exhibiting Supplier/Dealer CommunityBPrimary Business Activity (Check one.)What is your role? (Check one.) Post-Frame Builder Manufacturer/SupplierOwner/President/Sr. Mgr. TechnicalNon-exhibiting suppliers or dealers engaged in the manufacturing or sale of materials, equipment, Metal Frame Builder Architect/Engineer Crew Leader Othermachinery, or services to the post-frame construction industry must register under Non-Exhibiting Supplier/Dealer Community. Registration includes admission to educational sessions and the trade General Contractor Code Of cial Crew Membershow. An additional fee is required to attend optional ticketed events and workshopsin Box D.Lumberyard/Distributor Student Sales/MarketingOn or before 1/10/23 After 1/10/23Member$320 $420Nonmember$800 $930 Total Amount Due F Subtotal B $___________ (A or B) + D = $________________Photography Disclosure As at past expos, a professional photographer may take photos or videos of participants at NFBAs 2023 programs and events. These photos and videos are for NFBAs use only and may appear on NFBAs website, in printed brochures, or in other promotional materials. Attendee registration grants NFBA permission and consent for use of this photography.4 Ways to RegisterOnline*: www.nfba.org Fax*: 937-278-0317Phone*: 800.557.6957 *Credit cardCancellation policy: All cancellations must be received in writing. A $40 processing fee applies to all cancellations. No refunds will Mail: NFBA - 7250 Poe Ave. Suite 410 - Dayton, OH 45414 payment only be made for cancellations postmarked after February 8, 2023 or for cancellations of 1-day meeting registrations. All refunds will be processed after the Expo.Payment Check (enclosed)Make check payable to NFBA.Checks not in U.S. funds will be returned. A charge of $25 will apply to checks returned for insufcientfunds.MasterCard VISA DiscoverAmerican ExpressIf rebilling of a credit card charge is necessary, a $25 processing fee will be charged. Account number _________________________________________________________________Zip Code______________ Exp. date ________________CSV ________________ Signature__________________________________________________________________Cardholders name (please print) _________________________________________ I authorize NFBA to charge the above-listed credit card amounts deemed by NFBA to be accurate and appropriate. If payment does not accompany this form, your registration will not be processed.101"