b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEcontinued from page: 27look at this sketch of the accident sceneNFBA Legal Services Planand locate where you were standing and facing at the time of the accident. AfterNFBA has a Legal Services Program established you are satisfied that you have obtained allwith Auman, Mahan and Furry (AMF), that of the information available, transcribe theallows NFBA members one complimentary statement and have the witness review it. Ifphone call each month at now charge.If you the witness is satisfied with the statementhave questions about Heat Illness Prevention, havethemwriteTheprecedingcontact AMF at (937) 223-6003.Tell them you LEGALLY SPEAKINGstatement is true and correct. Then haveare aNFBA Member and you are calling under the witness sign and date it. Following thisthe NFBA Legal Services Plan and would like both interviewers should sign and date itto speak with Gary Auman.as witnesses.The goal of the investigation is to find facts needed to answer the questions of who, what, when, where and why, to arrive at the root cause of the accident.After all of the information available has been obtained, the investigation teamshouldmeet.Atthismeeting,the teamshouldreviewtheinformationwith the safety manager (if he/she was not part of the investigation team) to determine the root cause of the accident.It is important NOT to speculate or make any assumptions; make sure there are facts to support every conclusion drawn. The team should also discussStructural Engineering Visit us online at www.timbertecheng.com Specializing in Structural Design of Post- whether disciplinary action and/or retrainingFrame Buildings is warranted for any employee involved.The Structural Design of Wood, Steel, and Concrete Structures conclusions reached, after they have been Engineer Certifications for all Statesappropriately reviewed, should be used to CAD Drafting Services Agricultural Engineeringdevelop a lessons learned presentation that Building Code ReviewAgricultural Building Design can be shared with all employees as a training Manure Storage System Design tool to prevent a repeat of the actions which TSP (Technical Service Provider) lead to the accident. for NRCS ProjectsCAFO and NPDES Permits I suggest using the preceding procedure or, Farmstead Expansion Planning at least parts of it, to perform any accident investigation. Remember, prevention of future, similar accidents are your primary goal. YouWe now offer the following services must also keep in mind by obtaining all of Land Development Planning this accident information, it may be necessary Storm Water Planning Erosion & Sediment Design to use it to defend the company from future Site & Quality Assurance Inspections litigation.AutoCAD Civil 3D Design 28 / FRAME BUILDER - NOV2022'