b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELLENCEcode compliant and value program initiated by builders, contractors andJim and Krisproduct manufacturers within the NFBA. Years ago when this organization started, post-frame buildings consisted of a structure on a dirt floor, basic aluminum door,single glazed windows and a handful of colored steel roofing and siding options. Today, buildings and building practices have changed significantly for the better. Building codes, energy codes, wind codes, aesthetics, advanced architecture and design are all prevalent in the post frame industry. In addition to the Post Frame Initiative, the NFBA pioneered and developed the Accredited Builder program. Although that the market dictates much of the change and improvements, there is no doubt the NFBA has played a major role in the process which has made us all better builders, manufacturers and suppliers. Annual Fishing Trip with FriendsWayzata Community Church Rummage SaleJim and KrisAnnual Fishing Trip with FriendsJim and Kriss 21 year old cat Hazel FRAME BUILDER - NOV2022 / 35'