b'Member HighlightNaphis Remembered and HonoredBy Lauren White, RCS EditorAN INSTRUMENTALthe U.S. and Mexico, he still made MRCA a priority.He always took my calls and answered my texts PERSON IN GROWINGand emails.He shared his time so generously, Morgan said.Both Bob and Morgan recalled that THE SAFETYevery time they spoke with Naphis he was either getting on or off a plane or getting ready to go PROGRAM FORsomeplace else the next day.He had a bucket MRCA, NAPHIS LEAVES SOMEso full it was overflowing, but every time we talked about the Safety Committee, it was like we were IMPOSSIBLE SHOES TO FILL.the only issue he had on his plate, Bob shared.NotonlydidNaphissharehistimewithMRCA, P assionate.Driven.Family man.Humble.Thesebut also with the Dallas Fort Worth jail.Sunday areallwordsusedtodescribeNaphisMitchellevenings he would minister to inmates.Morgan Reyes.For nearly 20 years, Naphis dedicated hissaid, I knew he was a great person, and finding career to construction safety.He worked as the safetyoutallthesethingsitslikeWow,hesreally and risk director for Empire Roofing and was influentialamazing. indevelopingthesafetyprogramsfortheMidwestNaphiswasalsoincredibleatmakingsafety Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA). interesting!Oftentimes when safety is brought up, Naphiswasoneofthosepeopleyoujustlikepeople will sigh or roll their eyes, Morgan shared.hanging around.He had a passion for life, faith,SomehowNaphismadeitexcitingandfun.family, and lucky for us, safety, shared MorganWhen he talked safety, his face would light up, he Arwood,keystaffpersontotheMRCASafetycouldnt stay in one spot and his arms would start Committee and the MRCA membership director. moving.And people would listen.I dont know Bob Poutre, president of Roof Tech and a currenthow he did it, she added. member of the MRCA executive committee, wasAnythingwaspossibleinNaphiseyes; introduced to Naphis two years ago.Bob hadimpossible wasnt even in his vocabulary.I had previously been the chair of the MRCA Safety andconversations with him about things that seemed Operations Committee, which was later renamedinsurmountable,butthatsnothowNaphissaw the Safety Committee to focus on safety.Whenthem, Bob said. He did everything with a passion Bob became part of the executive committee,that will probably never be equaled.Naphis filled his chair on the Safety Committee. Amidst his busy schedule, Naphis was instrumental It was like a whirlwind came through.Morganin developing the following programs for MRCA:andIkindofstrappedinandheldonwhen Naphis joined, shared Bob. Hot Air and Induction Welding Safety Training EventhoughNaphiswastheriskmanagementProgram(HAWT):Forroofingprofessionals director for 13 Empire Roofing locations throughoutwho work with hot air and induction welding 6 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'