b'ARCHITECTURAL SHEET METALEVALUATING, SELECTING AND PRICING METAL ROOFING PRODUCTSPhoto credit : hortonphotoincBy: David Landis, Southeast manager of technical services and field inspections for PetersenWhen considering a standing seamMostexperiencedconstructionprofessionals metal roof, view the situation fromunderstand that one group of exterior cladding multiple angles. Product optionsproductscanbeusedforlow-tomid-rise andprojectspecificsmustbeconstruction, which often is different than those considered, and many questionsfor high-rise roof cladding at 100-ft. elevation or must be asked. To begin, review the constructionhigher. Additionally, a coastal/salt water exposure details and ask questions such as:site location should prompt a discussion with the What is the budget? design team or owner about the use of aluminum What is the roof slope?in this aggressive environment.Is the roof assembly steel deck with ISO andConsider early in the design stage whether the job underlayment, plywood or open framing?is new construction or a reroof/reclad/remodel. A product evaluation path for metal roofing and metal Whatthickness/gauge/spacingisbeingcladding on new construction typically will present considered?more design opportunities for the AEC manager Does the building require additional safe roomvs. a remodel project. Design limitations can be construction in specific areas?acutely critical on remodel projects when the owner In what type of environment is this job located?fully expects to continue occupancy of the building during exterior reroofing/exterior recladding without Is it low- to mid-rise less than 30-ft. roof linedisrupting or vacating the building. A new set of elevation, or above 50-ft. or 100-ft?questions and budget items go into any remodel discussion when the building is being occupied 28 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'