b'WinR Women in RoofingFirst Female VP Leads Roofing Alliance Into the FutureBy Cass Jacoby, HJE ConsultingK elly Van Winkle of King of Texasexperimental medical treatment. And she was able to RoofingCompanyiscurrentlyreceive the experimental medical treatment because helpingtoleadtheRoofingof the Roofing Alliance funds from this Helping our Own Alliance, the foundation of the NRCA,Program, says Kelly. She survived, and she would not as its first female vice president.It is ahave survived had it not been for the Roofing Alliance. huge milestone for the ever-evolvingSo forevermore, Ive been grateful to the Roofing Alliance roofing community and a well-deservedever since that day.position for a roofing professional that continues to giveKelly also mentions the wonderful work the Roofing back. Alliance does with the Ronald McDonald House and the many initiatives the Roofing Alliance supports from education to funding projects. [Thats] what I like about the Roofing Alliance, because its not just contractors, we have distributors, we have manufacturers and were all working together, hand in hand for the good of our industry, says Kelly. The future looks bright with the current vice president Kelly Van Winkle at the helm of one of the industrys biggest philanthropic organizations who just celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2021.I really feel like this is going to be a good year ahead, says Kelly. And the next 25 years for the Roofing Alliance are going to be hopefully just as good, if not better than the first 25.Experienced Counsel and Im very honored that I am the first woman to serve inDetermined Professionalsthis role, says Kelly.Its exciting, and I hope that I can be a good contributor. Kelly is with King of Texas Roofing Company, a third- Attorneys generation roofing company started by her maternal grandfather. I joined the company in 2011 and co-led OSHA Defense You Can the company with my father for many years. And now, Ive been the president since 2019, says Kelly. Continuing Labor & Employment Rely On for the legacy of my grandfather and my father is somethingLaw Effective thats very important to me. Im quite proud to be a part Construction Lawof a family business.Business Law RepresentationKelly estimates she got involved with the Roofing Alliance Litigationabout 25 years ago. Her father was a founder and instilled the firm belief on her that it was important for the industry Workers Comp DefenseStephen A. Watringto be involved in philanthropic endeavors, scholarshipsGary W. Aumanand continuing education.William H. Barney, IIIThroughout her life she attended these events with herRichard L. Carr, Jr.mother and father, and when she entered the roofingDonald B. Rineerbusiness she dove into the work. I kind of jumped in withAmy C. Mitchelltwo feet, says Kelly. I thought it was a great organization,Douglas S. Jenksand over time, I kept accepting more responsibilities withAbigail K. Whitethe Roofing Alliance and watching it flourish. David M. RickertShe pinpoints a particularly profound experience with the937-223-6003 Matthew J. BakotaRoofing Alliance program, Helping Our Own, when sheamfdayton.comfell in love with the foundation. We had an employee a few years ago who had a wife that needed some www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer 17'