b'The YCC FrontRamping Up During the Slow MonthsGenevieve (Jenna) Kramer Wm. Kramer & Son, Inc.A s winter slowly comes to an end,5.Officeenvironmentandteambonding.Weall roofingcontractorsaroundhave our bad days in the summer and sometimes theMidwestarerampingupsee the worst in each other, but it is the backbone inhigh-speedpreparingfortheofourrelationshipsthatwebuildintheslower busy season. This window betweenmonths when we are all a little more levelheaded the holidays and spring storms givesand not so stressed that get us thru those long, us all a short time to exhale from thedemanding, high pressure days in the summer. prior year and buckle down for whats ahead. A fewTake time to build that relationship, create a good things we try to address in the slow months includework atmosphere now, because it will get you thru the following:a lot in a few short months. 1.Are all our yearly prequalifications approved andHopefullythesetipswillhelpprepareyoufora readytogo?Withtheonslaughtofscreeningsuccessfulroofingseasonahead!Buckleup,its portals such as ISN, Avetta, GRMS, to name a few,gonna be a bumpy ride! we know how much time and dedication goes into fact gathering, document uploads, insurance submissions, safety program updates, the list goes on. Is your company compliant and ready if that customer needs you at their site tomorrow? (AndTo take part in our Young Contractors Council Visit: its always tomorrow-its never a month from now! https://mrca.org/aws/MRCA/pt/sp/YCC 2.Do any of your internal procedures need changedTo learn about MRCA Foundation visit: www.mrca.org or tweaked? We all learn from previous years what works and what doesnt, but we dont always have thetimeinthatmomenttomaketheprocess change.Nowisthetimetodoit!Doesdata entry need to be put into your system differently for a more favorable outcome? Do we need a refreshertrainingonanexistingprocedurethat hasformedsomeslackovertime?Wetendto create shortcuts over time that can sometimes leadtomissingavaluablestepinaprocess. Does something new need implemented in the wake of higher safety, environmental, and policy requirements? Adapting to change is difficult but necessary-thewintermonthsisagoodtimeto address these changes.3.Tools,equipment,andtrucks.Asyouallknow, theseassetstakeabeatinginthesummer months.Wedoservicetheseregularly,butthe winter months are when we pay special attention toourspecialtyitemsthatcanmakeorbreak a job in the upcoming crazy months. Are your tools,equipment,andtrucksallservicedand ready to roll?! (It still amazes me that the roofers can start a 30-year-old roof cutter but still look at a copy machine like its a spaceship from Mars!)4.How does your warehouse look now as opposed to the mid of summer? Hopefully now your shelves are stocked, organized, counted, and ready to pic. Things can look a little crazy in the summer, the caulk and sealants are everywhere, fasteners all mixed up, 1 iso over by the 3-like a tornado hit your warehouse! Get organized now! You will thank yourself when the pull lists start flying in! 18 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer MRCA Qtr Page Vert.indd 2 12/20/2021 10:37:43 AM'