b'MRCA News II. FINANCIAL INFORMATION A.Total household annual income (including parents or spouse):0K-50K _____50K-125K _____125K- More _____ B. Number of brothers and sisters living at home:C. Including yourself, how many members of your immediate family will be enrolled in college during theupcoming school year? D. Estimate of college expenses: (1) Tuition: $per year (2) Books:$per year (3) Room and Board$per year (4) Other (please specify)$per yearTOTAL$per yearE. What percent of your college education and living expenses do you expect scholarships to provide? ___________%III. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION * Have you previously been awarded a scholarship from the MRCA Foundation? Yes No(circle one) I agree that this application and all attachments may be used by the Board of Directors of the MRCA Foundation or any representatives designated by the Board of Directors, for the purpose of evaluating and selecting recipients of scholarship awards.I represent that all information submitted in conjunction with this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.I understand that false information is cause for disqualification.Signature of ApplicantDate314 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'