b'ARCHITECTURAL SHEET METALduring construction. Every manufacturing professionalStainless steel can be used in most applications and contractor should ask these questions with thefor standing seam roofing or metal siding/cladding. AEC manager early in the process, or in some casesStainless steel has a high tensile strength, so ensure with the owner to find a product that fits. an ample budget to cover the costs of tools such as Itsimportanttoconsiderallavailableproductshand shears, tin snips, etc., when planning a bid before making a final selection. Most owners wantand labor budget. A good resource for the design, competitive bids, and almost all public projects willspecification and use of stainless steel is the Stainless require a specification that lists a minimum of threeSteel Industry of North America.manufacturers products. Sometimes a performanceZincisanothernaturalmetaloptionforroofing specification is listed in lieu of product manufacturers.or siding/cladding. This metal has been used in It is critical that each manufacturer can decipher thisconstruction since the 1700s, particularly in Europe, performance specification in an accurate and timelyand has demonstrated its outstanding value through manner to list the correct product in a bid. Know andits long life-cycle which can be 100 years. The most understand the nuances of all brands of products. Forimportant point in the design and specification of zinc example, if its known that one 180-degree mechanicallycladding as a roofing system is that zinc must have seamed roof panel system is not as user friendly asa breathable underlayment or air space beneath it. another, share this information.This is in addition to a backside primer paint finish Alternatives that zinc manufacturers are using to mitigate backside Whenevaluatingproductoptions,a rudimentary working knowledge of all roofsystems,metalcladding,metal and other siding products is required. Anarchitect,engineer,construction manager or owner should not expect a metal roofing professional to know the ins and outs of a TPO or EPDM membrane system,orametalcladdingsystem of insulated metal panels, aluminum composite material, metal composite material or new products coming to the North American market from Europe, such as cementitious panels or composite kraft panels. Premium products such as natural metals should be discussed as well. The Copper Development Associationisagreat source for learning about coppers long-term value for building owners. Note thatPhoto credit : AJ Brown Imagingcontact with dissimilar metals on a job with coppercondensation when used as roofing. must be considered. The only two metals that shouldZinc is now available in several pre-patina shades and be used in conjunction with copper are copper andcolors which give the architect, engineer, construction stainless steel. manager and owner new design choices. Note that Stainless steel is another natural metal that has beenZinc probably will fall in the same budget space or used with success for both standing seam roofing andslightly higher on an installed basis as copper or siding/cladding applications. Stainless steel also isstainless steel, depending on the size of a project frequently used in internal gutter applications, withand the specific gauge and finish of the natural metal welded seam joints at gutter endlaps. The brightthat is selected.shiny look of newly installed stainless steel will turnCoststo a matted, dull gray finish over time, depending onA sales or construction professional must have at least the amount of rainfall the exposed surface receives. Continued on page 30www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer 29'