b'Page 6 (Continued from page 1)Were committed to delivering on that mission, for allworkerswithdisabilities.Inthisspirit,weare tance, we help both workers and employers under- also assessing our policies and programs to ensure stand their rights and responsibilities under the law.they meet the needs of workers from historically un-Duringthepasttwoyears,theimportanceofthisderserved communities. Doing so is critical to both work has only been reinforced as the ADA has prov- honoring the victory achieved 32 years ago and de-en agile in responding to needs unanticipated when itlivering on the vow it represented.was passed. Forinstance,todaypeopleexperiencinglong COVID may be entitled to temporary and long-termTaryn Williams is the assistant secretary of labor in supportstohelpthemworkduringtheirrecovery.thedepartmentsOfficeofDisabilityEmployment The right to request such accommodations is centralPolicy.totheADAsemploymentprovisions.Reflecting this, our Job Accommodation Networkoffers free, expertandconfidentialguidanceonworkplaceac-commodations,whetherforworkerswithlong COVID or any nature of disability, apparent or not. Theseincludemental-healthconditions,ratesof whichweknowhaveincreasedsignificantlysince the start of the pandemic.At our agency, our missionto develop and influ-ence policies and practices that increase the number and quality of employment opportunities for people with disabilitiesadvances the spirit of the ADA, 6'