b'(Continued from page 22)prevention program whenever the heat index goes referring to in this bulletin, and with the steps out- aboveminimalrisk.Yoursitesupervisorsshould lined above, develop your own heat illness preven- constantly monitor the heat index on the site. They tion program. These are the minimum steps that needshouldalsoENSUREthatallemployeescomply to be taken to protect your employees from heat ill- with the steps that you have in place to protect them ness and its consequences. Remember, you must doc- from heat illness, based on the heat index at the job umenteachstepyoutakeasyoumoveforwardtosite.Thesupervisorsshouldalsorecognizethat developyourheatillnesspreventionprogramandthese safeguards may change throughout the day as implementitandapplyittoyouremployees.Youthe heat index changes. Employees MUSTunder-shoulddocumenttheproceduresyouundertaketostand that complying with your work rules to pre-ensure you always have adequate cool water on everyvent heat illness are, as with all other safety rules, jobsite.Youshouldcarefullydocumentalltrainingnot optional, but are MANDATORY!regimens you employ to educate your employees re-gardingtheentirespectrumofheatillnesspreven-tion.Remember,ITISYOURRESPONSIBILITYto provide a place of employment for your employeesLEGAL SERVICES PROGRAM: that is free of recognized hazards that could cause, or(MICA) has a Legal Services Program established likelytocause,deathorseriousphysicalharm.with Auman, Mahan and Furry (AMF), that allows Therefore, you SHOULDNOT just train your em- (MICA) members one complimentary phone call ployees and then leave it up to them to comply witheach month at no charge.If you have questions their training. You cannot rely on your employees toabout Heat Illness Prevention, contact AMF at comply with your heat illness prevention procedures(937) 223-6003.Tell them you are a (MICA) becauseTHEYDONOTFEELTHEYNEEDMember and you are calling under the (MICA) Le-THEM! You MUST place the responsibility on yourgal Services Plan and would like to speak with site supervisors TOENSURE that ALL employeesGary Auman. remain in full compliance with your heat illness26'