b'(Continued from page 15)index. You will find most of the requirements of the beensuccessfulinenforcingtheGeneralDutyCriteria Document on the OSHA - NIOSH heat app, Clause against employers for heat illness preventionbut below is a short summary of those requirements: in all but a few cases.1.Ensure that all employees new to a location with a high heat index are gradually exposed to full duty WhileIfeelthatyourfirstgoalasanemployerat that location. This is called the acclimatization pe-should be protecting your employees; litigation cita- riod and may last from 7 to 14 days, depending on tionsundertheGeneralDutyClausecanbeverytheemployeeandhis/herphysicalcondition.Even problematic.GeneralDutyClausecitationsareonalow-riskjobsite,theOSHAheatapprecom-nonnegotiable with OSHA to any classification lessmends acclimatizing new and returning workers. The than Serious. Therefore, if you are cited for a heatapp states that these individuals may be at high risk illnessprotectionplanGeneralDutyClauseviola- for heat-related illness, even at a lower heat index.tion, you will have to accept it and then hope to ne- 2.Establish a work/rest regimen for all work being gotiate a lower dollar penalty. But if you do not wantperformed on the site with a high heat index. If you tohaveaseriouscitationonyourrecord,youwilllook at the OSHA - NIOSH heat app, you will see have to enter into litigation with OSHA. This can befour categories of risk which require protection for quite an expensive litigation. employees working in that environment. These cate-gories range from low risk to extreme risk. The app Theobviousanswertothisdilemmaistotakealso has a category for minimal risk but does not in-heatillnessseriously and either download the appdicate that precautions are necessary for that catego-on your smart phone (it is a very good idea to havery.Mostemployersvarytheirwork/restregimen allofyoursitesupervisorshavetheappontheirbasedupontheheatindexatanygivenlocation.I smart phones also) or comply with the five steps setsuggest to all my clients that they consult with their out in the NIOSH Criteria Document for the preven- company physician to assist them in establishing an tion of heat illness. If you choose not to use the appappropriate work/rest regimen for the different heat youwillhavetousetheNOAAheatindexchartindex categories.(Heat Forecast Tools (weather.gov)) and cross refer- 3.Establish a hydration schedule. If you look at anyencethetemperatureandhumiditytogettheheat (Continued on page 22)19'