b'messenger MIDWEST INSULATION CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION7250 POE AVE., SUITE 410 - DAYTON, OH 45414 - micainsultion.orgVOLUME 56NO. 07 JULY 2022 v.L.C.wasanotherwatershedmomentincivil-WHATS INSIDE THIS MONTH:rights history, rendering a clearer vision of what an equitable, inclusive society looks like.32 Years of the ADAPresidents MessageThis vision extends to employment, because for soUs Dept of Labor Begins Rulemaking Process Tomany of us a large part of living in a community is Revise Stds For Occ Exposure To Leadworking in that community.As a result, OlmsteadHeat Illness Prevention Bulletinset the stage for what today is an important dimen- Save The Datesion of our work in the departments Office of Disa- MICA Leadership/Board of Directorsbility Employment Policyadvancing competitive integrated employment .32 YEARS OF THE ADA:CIE means work in community settings where most CELEBRATING A VICTORYemployees do not have disabilities, and people with AND A VOW disabilities are paid directly at the greater of the min-imum or prevailing wage. Its a key component of an By: Taryn M. WilliamsJuly 15, 2022 equitable, inclusive workforce, which is our funda-mentalgoalatouragencyandthedepartmentat Each July, we celebrate the anniversary of a majorlarge. So, through a number of initiatives, we help milestoneinAmericasongoingquesttobuildastates and service providers maximize opportunities moreequitable,inclusivesocietythesigningoffor people with disabilities to prepare for and suc-theAmericanswithDisabilitiesActonJuly26,ceed in CIE. This work supports a clearly stated goal 1990. Like other civil-rights laws, the ADA was bothoftheBiden-Harrisadministration,whichonlast avictoryandavow.ItmarkedtheculminationofyearsADAanniversaryannouncedsignificantin-tireless efforts on the part of many individuals, or- vestmentstoexpandCIE,amongotheractions,to ganizations and allies to affirm the rights of peopleincrease equity and inclusion for people with disabil-withdisabilitiesacrosscommunitylife.Mostim- ities.Ouragencyhassinceaddedtothoseinvest-portantly,itestablishedachannelforupholdingments with its National Plan to Increase Competitive those rights.IntegratedEmploymentandtechnicalassistance webinars.A shining example of this came in 1999, when theAsnoted,CIEisrootedintheOlmsteaddecision, SupremeCourtruledthat,undertheADA,Ameri- which crystallized the promise of inclusion inherent cans with disabilities, including the most significantin the ADA. But really, the ADA underlies all our disabilities, have the right to live and receive public- workatouragency.Andthroughpolicydevelop-ly funded services in their communities, in the mostment,outreachandeducation,andtechnicalassis-integrated settings possible. This ruling in Olmstead(Continued on page 6) 1'