b'If you do not already have the OSHA Heat Index (Continued from page 12)Apponyoursmartphone:HeatSafetyTool 5.Howistheemployermonitoringambienttem- from the Occupational Safety and Health Admin-peratures and levels of work exertion?istration (osha.gov) you should download it. I also advise requiring the app for all site supervisors. The above items do not really add very much to theThis is a free app which will enable you to become instructions that were issued to compliance officersaware of the heat index at any location at which in 2012. But they do clarify the responsibilities ofyou are working. The app also provides a list of employers in preventing heat illness on the job site.theprecautionsthatyoushouldtaketoprotect They also appear to be more focused on the employ- your employees because of the high heat index in ers responsibilities. which they are working. The app also provides you with the symptoms employees will exhibit if they are As I advised in the article I drafted a year ago onsuffering from heat related illnesses. Another link on heatillnessprevention,youastheemployermustthe app will provide you with first-aid steps to take remember that heat illness can be very insidious infor each of these conditions.its development and devastating in its results. Unfor-tunately, many employees, and some employers, doWhiledevelopingastandard,OSHAcontinuesto not realize the danger until it is too late. People withenforce heat illness protection through application of underlying health conditions are even more suscepti- the General Duty Clause. As many of you are aware, blethanotherstoheatillnessanditsmoreseverethisclauseoftheOccupationalSafetyandHealth consequences. I advise you to pay close attention toActof1970requiresemployerstoprovidetheir the daily temperature extremes on your job sites andworkers with a place of employment that is free of the heat indices which flow from them.Rememberrecognizedhazardsthatarecausing,orlikelyto the guidance, published by OSHA, focuses on thecause, death or serious physical harm. OSHA has heat index at the work site, not the temperature. (Continued on page 19) 15'